23-03-16 Great company

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Re: 23-03-16 Great company

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But would anyone believe it if it comes from Zii or Dillon. They aren't unbias here.

And again, Zii doesn't have much room to talk when it comes to adultery.

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Re: 23-03-16 Great company

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Spidrift wrote:Y'know, you shouldn't use weasel words like "necessarily" when you're trying to lay claim to the moral high ground.
I said what I said and I stick to it, whether you think it's "weaselly" or not. If I was going to accuse the writer of sharing the characters' awful traits, I would, but I'm not. This isn't LICD.

.. of course, that's entirely different from me accusing the writer of being a little lazy by rehashing the same awful character traits on multiple characters as a method of moving the same kind of story elements and jokes along. Which I absolutely do, because like I said, most of the characters are awful people, and they're usually awful people for the same reasons, repeating the same mistakes, so we can eventually come to the same conclusion and repeat the process.
Cortez wrote:But would anyone believe it if it comes from Zii or Dillon. They aren't unbias here.
No, but Jerzy's always been a pretty reasonable guy (he's probably one of the most level-headed characters in any of these comics)-- the way I see it playing out is that Jerzy will believe Zii because if she had wanted to lie, she could have lied to him about Angel at any time before this, and the lie could have been a lot worse than just "I saw Angel kissing some other guy on the street." I don't think it will bother Jerzy that Angel kissed somebody else, and he would have understood the date.. but he will be bothered, and maybe hurt, that Angel felt the need to keep it a secret from him. Which is reasonable.

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