24-02-16 Open and honest

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24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Shouri »

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Azrael »

In which Jung is revealed to be The Man. \M/
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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by MoonshadowDark »

*spit take*

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Osaru Sensei »

Well that was unexpected.

I laughed in my office. Totally worth the stares though. xD
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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Hogan »

... and there went one of the greatest fan-speculations in the history of Menage a Tree... What shall we talk about now? :D

... and Junghan really knows what turns the girls on :P

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by wiseguy »

JungRam for the win :ymdevil: :ymdevil: :ymdevil: :x

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by SilentChaos87 »

Did someone get the license plate of the semi-truck that just hit everyone?
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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by kouta »

Welp. That takes care of that bit of MA3-verse speculation.
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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by christopheftw »

This strip makes me very happy. :)

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Dr. Jamming »

Quite the bomb dropped! Well... that answers a couple questions...

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Frostbite »

Dang, and here I was hoping that Jung was asexual...well this works too :-bd
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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Maechris »

Pardon my french, but...
RAMONA YOU LUCKY B*TCH! :D :ymapplause:

That was really rather unexpected, but I did suspect for a while that since everyone and their mother in MA3-verse's Montreal has sex, Junghan had to at least *try* it once with someone. Roxie was a contestant but she currently appears to be on the lesbian side and it's almost certain the mysterious side-partner she was talking to was Brandy now.

So, Junghan's magnificent attitude apparently extends to the bed side of things, and Ramona seems quite taken with it or him in general. While whispering a 'yaoi pull list' into one's ear is a tad... borderline, I'm glad someone had a satisfying sexual encounter that didn't turn anyone semi-psychotic and wasn't the source of issues and problems for months afterwards.
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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Error of Logic »

Go, Junghan! :D
This is one of the NICEST updates in ages! ^_^

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Krendall »

Huh, Jung has a sex drive. Who knew?

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Re: 24-02-16 Open and honest

Post by Bambikles »

*Jaw drop* :-bd

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