13-01-16 Let the girls breathe

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Re: 13-01-16 Let the girls breathe

Post by samtheman »

Who knows maybe Amber will dump Ray and go back after Gary.

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Re: 13-01-16 Let the girls breathe

Post by Fluffy »

Over being tricked into having sex with a guy she knows is a manipulative scumbag? That's' highly doubtful.
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Re: 13-01-16 Let the girls breathe

Post by cellabella »

Fluffy wrote:
cellabella wrote:I'm confused as to why the onus of telling Amber is being laid on Dillon's doorstep.
1 - he's her bff
2 - he knows Amber considers Ray to be her boyfriend
3 - he knows that Nathan - someone they both know is a manipulative scumbag - is using her moron boyfriend for his own sexual gratification under the guise of 'acting'.

If someone knew that their bff's lover was being used by someone they know to be a manipulative scumbag; one would think that person would give their bff a heads up on the situation because that's what bffs do. If a bff truly cares about their friend, they don't stand back and keep their bffs in the dark about such things.
While all of these are fair points, I'd humbly point out that this is the first time (I think) that we are returning to this arc since it happened - at least with Nathan involved in it. It is possible that in that time, Dillon might have felt that Ray had told Amber exactly how he got the part and the "audition" process. Amber, presumably, knows what Ray's role is and knows Nathan is the producer. She knows what Nathan is about. I think it's at least a fair chance that Dillon, figuring that Amber knows Nathan's skeevy ways as well as he does, interrogated Ray on what happened. When she asks Dillon where Ray is, he is not hesitant, scared, or looking guilty. I think that it's at least plausible that Dillon felt it was not his place to interfere and that Amber and Ray have talked about what happened prior to this point.
Nope - Ruby and Dillon also know that Amber consider Ray to be her boyfriend that night after they slept together. Hell, Dillon taught him the swirly go round so he could give Amber those mind blowing orgasms she loves. So, her relationship with Ray is no secret from him.
OK, could be a blind spot on my part. I just assumed Ray was going to be a ONS for Amber and really didn't know she was taking him seriously until the Ma3 strip when Zii is trying to get her to come over for some casual sex. I really don't remember Ruby and Dillon's reactions to Ray and Amber the morning after too well.
Also wrong. Much like Dillon, Ray fell for that 'going on the down low' line Nathan fed him; genuinely believing every time Nathan wants to get into his pants, it's all part of re-affirming Ray's ability to play a gay character. Dillon knows full well what is really going on; and chose to stay silent - which is even worse, considering he sees Ray as a friend/boy crush.
Again, since this is literally the first time we are returning to this arc since it was established, I don't think it's quite fair to assume that Dillon realizes it is still going on. And even if he did realize it, Ray is dumb as a fence post and is probably getting a bit of an ego. Dillon was his direct competition for the gig. I can't see Ray buying Dillon's impassioned plea to refuse Nathan - unless Dillon exposes the extortion and blackmail that he took part in with Amber vis a vis Nathan. And even then, Ray is so dense that he might not understand it or believe it.
... And it did exactly jack squat.
This is accurate. But that wasn't really my point. The other dude, whose name escaped me, figured out what was going on after Dillon had given him the rundown on Nathan, and just shrugged his shoulders and walked out. Dillon at least confronted Nathan. He could have just said "Congrats, dude" to Ray like the other contender did and washed his hands of it. That his intervention didn't bear fruit is unfortunate, but he did try.
Then Dillon learned nothing from his last go with Nathan. He and Amber had to get him to sign a contract to end the tryst (as well as give them a little extra bonus, film wise and living arrangement speaking); but, even then, that didn't completely stop Nathan from making the moves on Dillon the first chance he got.
Er, welll, that's sort of whitewashing things a tad. They didn't get Nathan to sign a contract to end the tryst. Both Dillon and Amber were happy to bang Nathan - whom they both knew was a married man - for consideration for roles. This was completely fine with both of them for an untold period of time. But then Nathan got greedy and wanted his "twincest" scenario, and both of them found out about each other. Amber seemed more angry about it than Dillon did, and she hatched the revenge/blackmail/extortion plan that got them their sweet pad and some of their work prospects.

It isn't as if either of them had tired of Nathan and he would not allow them to end the affair. They knew he was a sleaze and were fine to play by his rules until he overreached and screwed up by assuming that they would have no problem finding out that they'd both being shtupping him. Had Nathan not assumed that they would just happily agree to the threesome and kept seeing them separately, there would have been no contract and both Dillon and Amber would probably still be banging him for parts.
Or...and this would be a really awful reason for Dillon to stay silent...he didn't want to lose his chance at playing Ray's co-star/on screen lover.
OK, this is fair. Considering how quickly Nathan's suggestion of that derailed Dillon's outrage, it is totally fair to wonder if Dillon doesn't want to rock the boat in that regard. But that makes little sense because of the contract he has with Nathan. If Dillon had really wanted to make a stink, he could sue Nathan for breach of contract. It's very unlikely that Nathan would expose the blackmail/extortion in open court (and I am not clear about Canadian law, but if Amber had tried to pull that in the U.S. and Nathan was not afraid of being exposed as an adulterer, she and Dillon could have been charged with a crime), and Dillon might have gotten a monetary settlement since he did not get first right of refusal to the lead part that Ray got. Nathan probably came up with the boyfriend angle to keep Dillon quiet on that part.

But, yes, Dillon's silence may not be completely altruistic. Perfectly valid point to make.
In any case, seeing your bff's boyfriend being manipulated by a known sleaze (who freely admitted what he did when they boyfriend was well out of earshot) - and said boyfriend genuinely thinking that there was nothing fishy about it - is not making a mountain under a molehill. Telling Amber (or, at the very least, Ray) what was going on would have been the right thing for a bff to do.
I have a feeling that despite my thought that Dillon really wasn't too much at fault here, Amber will be angry at him along the lines you outline. This will set up Ruby, who is PA for both of them, to be in the middle and perhaps wanting them to make amends. This could become problematic, because I truly feel that if Ruby finds out anytime soon what her sister and Dillon did to get their cushy pad and their cushy acting jobs, she will run out of there with the quickness. And as she is my favorite character, I don't want that.

I also need Ray to be less stupid. Seriously. I know that he's supposedly the extreme end of the dumb jock stereotype, but really ...

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Re: 13-01-16 Let the girls breathe

Post by TheEighth »

samtheman wrote:Who knows maybe Amber will dump Ray and go back after Gary.

Nathan's all about abusing his power to get his workers into bed with him.

My random speculation on this.....

If Amber gets Gary as her new man, and Nathan finds out, he'll try to manipulate Amber into setting up a threesome with him.

Or if he's bold enough, he'll go right to Gary himself and threaten Amber's career if he doesn't have sex with him.

But...I don't think the comic is hardcore enough for the latter....
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