Wet T-Shirt Contest! Vote Now!

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Wet T-Shirt Contest! Vote Now!

Post by midgetshrimp »

Considering the success of this years Cleavage Contest, we have decided to put on our second annual Wet T-Shirt Contest! That's right! This timeless competition is back for another round, and the rules couldn't be simpler!

Step 1: Put on a t-shirt! Color isn't really too much of an issue, nor whether or not you decide to wear a bra. However, experts agree that light or white shirts with no bra show the best results!
Step 2: Find water and douse yourself! Jump in the shower or bath, grab a super soaker or just pour on a pitcher! We don't care as long as you're t-shirt is soaked!
Step 3: Pictures! Up to 4 pictures per entry, so shoot away!

As always, forum rules apply. All NSFW entries need to be posted behind proper links (visible nipples, for example)!So Ladies and Gents, soak those sweater puppies and moisten them manboobs! And most of all, have fun!

The contest will run until the 26th of June, with voting open until the 30th. This thread is reserved for contest Entries only. Discussion should be posted in the appropriate discussion thread.
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Re: Wet T-Shirt Contest Entry Thread!

Post by FrenaThakore »

Ok, here it goes. My entries to the wet-t shirt contest.

Linked for awesome NSFW nipple action!! ;)

Linked for more awesome NSFW nipple action!! ;)

Linked for totally awesome NSFW nipple action!! :D

and last a different color.
There ya go.

Put three pics behind NSFW links, which means they're goooood! :D
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Re: Wet T-Shirt Contest Entry Thread!

Post by Sideb(.)(.)bPlatypus »

Well, here we go.......itteh bitteh Platy tittehs :p

In my opinion, from least to most risque:




The reason the last two look a little funny is because my husband was like "pull the bra part up! it'll look better!" :p

Hopefully they don't get taken down :-s
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Re: Wet T-Shirt Contest Entry Thread!

Post by yiraheerai »

Cold, cold, cold


Don't expect a win but hey, I DID IT.
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Re: Wet T-Shirt Contest Entry Thread!

Post by Dirty n Evil »

Hello, ladies... do you mind if the boys play, too? ;)

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