Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread *VOTING OPEN!*

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Which is your favorite Ma3/EC/MC/SB fan-thing!?

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Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread *VOTING OPEN!*

Post by midgetshrimp »

Seeing as this is the third anniversary of Mà3, it's time for the Fan Thing Contest! Your entry can be pretty much anything related to the Mà3/EC/MC/School Bites universes. This includes photos, pictures, art, poems, stories, fan fictions, songs, videos... you get the idea. Make it and enter! Easy and fun.

Only one entry per person, and each entry can contain only one type of media. As always, Not Suitable For Work entries must be posted behind appropriately labeled links.

This is a great contest to play to your strengths, whether it's music, art, writing, etc. So let's see what you guys can do!

Entries open until the 26th of May. Voting will end on the 31st of May. This thread is for contest entries only.
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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread

Post by GothPoet »

And Think of England NSFW

I posted this in the Ma3 Fan-Art thread, but I did so before I knew there was going to be the new contest, so I'm reposting it here. :p
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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread

Post by mac2 »

Breakfast Time

“Hello, little girl.”

“Hi, Mister.”

“This is a pretty bad neighborhood. Are you lost?”

“No, I’m looking for my doll. He ran away from home.”

“Why don’t you come with me? I’ll help you look for him.”





“Laaylaa! I wish you’d stop using me as bait.”

“But you’re so good at it. And these creepy ones are so easy to catch it’s pathetic. Sure you don’t want some of this?”

“Eww, no. Are you going to pay up now?”

“Alright, alright. We’ve got a while before the sun comes up. You can get a hot chocolate on the way to school.”


“Our usual deal, right? Mom doesn’t find out about this.”

“Can I get a Grande with extra whipped cream?”

“Yeah, whatever you want.”


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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread

Post by Gil Hamilton »

I bet you didn't know, but Yuki cosplays Patton/Bob Hope for the riding crop.


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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread

Post by wrong wolf »

I've been I should maybe enter this wallpaper I made. I didn't really draw it but I did put it together. In any case, it's the only thing I have that I can enter in this contest, ... cuties.jpg

editted: As per people's suggestion, I changed the image to a link instead for easy viewing. Thanks, folks!
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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Contest Entry Thread

Post by Raamyah »

Okay! No need for an extension. Burned a little midnight oil and finally colored my entry. Made in Adobe Illustrator. I hope you like it:

"Dance Interlude"

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot Seth! He was in the original sketch, but I completely forgot him when I was coloring. It was very late, and I just overlooked where he was. Sorry, little guy.
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