Anniversary Fan-Thing Entry Thread ***VOTE NOW***

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Who made the best Fan-Thingy???

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Anniversary Fan-Thing Entry Thread ***VOTE NOW***

Post by midgetshrimp »

Seeing as this is the fourth anniversary of Mà3, it's time for the Fan Thing Contest! Your entry can be pretty much anything related to the Mà3/EC/MC/School Bites universes. This includes photos, pictures, art, poems, stories, fan fictions, songs, videos... you get the idea. Make it and enter! Easy and fun.

Only one entry per person, and each entry can contain only one type of media. As always, Not Suitable For Work entries must be posted behind appropriately labeled links.

This is a great contest to play to your strengths, whether it's music, art, writing, etc. So let's see what you guys can do!

Entries open until the 28th of July. Voting will end on the 31st of July. This thread is for contest Entries only.
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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Entry Thread

Post by Artemisia »

Gary and Dillon's Weird Lesbian Adventure

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Gary, you want to escape, right?”

Gary looked at himself in the full length mirror. He wasn’t sure how much he liked this, but it was his only hope. He was wearing a red dress, heels and his hair had been restyled, but the breast forms were the only big issue. They kept shifting a bit unnaturally. Dillon was wearing a fetching sundress with his face made up perfectly.

“Now, remember, you’re my girlfriend. It’s ok if you are a bit boyish”


Dillon grabbed Gary’s hand. “I can’t believe that you have so many women chasing after you.”

“Remember when I couldn’t even get a single woman chasing after me?”

Dillon laughed charmingly. “Alright, here we go!”

Geri and Dilla walked out into the room. Geri scanned the room. Yuki was in the corner chatting away with Zii about something. Her eyes kept scanning the room. Didi and Erik were sipping drinks on the far side of the bar. Sonya was sitting chatting to some auburn haired woman whose face he couldn’t see. Amber and Sandra were chatting away too.

The crowded room would make slipping away easily enough. Dilla pulled Geri towards the bar. “Just keep calm, darling. We’ll get out of here soon enough.” They couldn’t just run away.

Geri slipped up to the bar. Dilla moved away for a moment to get a couple of drinks. A man with salt and pepper hair sidled up to Geri. “Party’s getting pretty boring. How would you like to come back to my place for a bit of fun.”

“I-I’m sorry, I have a girlfriend.”

“Bring her along. The more the merry, they say.”

A hand grabbed Geri’s arm above the elbow and pulled him away. “I can’t leave you alone for five minutes can I?”

“It’s not my fault. He just...” Dilla handed Geri a soda.

Geri took a sip from the soda and noticed that the auburn-haired woman had walked over. He recognized Senna almost immediately. His cheeks reddened. “Hello. I don’t remember seeing you two earlier. I’m Senna.” Geri very carefully lifted his hand and shook hers.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Geri.”

“So, is this your girlfriend?”

“Yes. I’m Dilla.”

Senna hummed to herself for a second. “You wouldn’t happen to have an impossibly cute brother named Gary would you?”


“Hm...I swear, you look like someone you know.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sure if I had met such a lovely woman as you, I would remember.”

“If you’ll excuse us, Ms Senna, but Geri and I need to get back home before our babysitter has to leave.”

Senna smiled as Dilla guided Geri away towards the door. “Dilla, I don’t think this is going to work.” Geri looked around again. It seemed like every woman’s eyes were on him...and now every man’s eyes too.

“Geri poo....we’re almost to the door. When I say run- run.”

Geri nodded.


Geri and Dilla moved as quickly as they could. Behind them a rising tide of insanely horny people came shoving their way out of the theater.
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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Entry Thread

Post by Engy »

A challenger approaches! With a horribly made gif.

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Re: Anniversary Fan-Thing Entry Thread

Post by Don Alexander »

Kilopost Geriatric Balcony Rag Productions proudly present:

Ma3 Fan Fiction
Spoilered for XXX NSFW

From the team that brought you "Deep Fuck 11: Checkmating" comes the new Space Spurt featuring Amber Amber as our boobloved heroine Boobarella and her sentient (and fully functional) starship Deep Fuck.


Scene 22: The Passion of the Boobs

Background: Rocks (well, you know, sprayed styrofoam), purple-red sky

Middle background: We see the Sex Ogre (Dick Baldhead) lying conked out against the rocks after Boobarella (Amber Amber) has ridden him to death in Scene 21 (The Sex, The Ogre). Camera pans up from his crotch (make sure to reattach beard to his cock and slick it down with fake pussy juice and whipped cum!) to his face, his tongue hangs out, clearly he's been orgasmed to death (Dick, make sure to breathe only shallowly, and let's not forget to draw x-es on his eyes!)

Cut to:

Boobarella standing over the Sex Ogre (middle background). Boobarella is dressed and proper again, in her Space Queen gear, wielding her Blasturbator in her right hand (point up). Amber, make dismissive gesture toward the Sex Ogre behind you with left hand!

Talk (be epic, Amber!): "People of Throbulon! Now that the sex ogre has been slain (with sex), you are once again free to do your moon orgies."

Cut to:

Scene with fluffers and extras (maybe camera guys and make up department want in on the action too, the more the merrier! :D) cheering, falling into each others arms, begin to make out etc. IMPROVISE. Only do ten seconds or so, maybe boobs, no X.

Talk (from off): "Not so fast, Boobarella!"

Cut to:

Middle background, in focus: Penetratia (Chanelle No. Sex), also STILL DRESSED (skimpy, but nothing showing), pointing blackgloved finger at Boobarella (foreground, can we get her slightly ooF?).

Talk: Boobarella gasps! "Penetratia!"

Penetratia: "By now, my lesbian pheromones will have taken effect on you! You will soon be in my power!"

Boobarella (distress!): "Noooo!!" :(( :(( :(( "Love of cock..." (breathed): "Fading..."

Cut to:

Boobarella pulls down Penetratia's Chaos Spike Bikini (I love this thing, hope no one notices it's foam rubber...). Make sure you are sweaty! Wipe sweat off brow!

Talk: Boobarella (groan like you mean it!): "Love of boobs... rising!"

Penetratia (haughty, lustful sigh as Boobarelly takes boob in mouth and starts licking and sucking it): "From now on, you will be the royal pussy taster!"

[Sidenote: This will be awesome! :) Getting a sandwich.]
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