March Contest Discussion Thread

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Re: March Contest Discussion Thread

Post by TellusEidolon »

Congratulations DnE and Yira. :) :ymapplause:

Now, what title should i get... :-?
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Re: March Contest Discussion Thread

Post by yiraheerai »

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :ymparty:
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Re: March Contest Discussion Thread

Post by MerchManDan »

Wooo!! Gratz Yira & DnE!! :ymapplause:
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Re: March Contest Discussion Thread

Post by Ecchi-Spud »

To yiraheerai and Dirty n Evil, and also to runners-up The Nick and TellusEidolon, . . . \M/
Many thanks to Raamyah for the avvie!!!!

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Re: March Contest Discussion Thread

Post by Dirty n Evil »

Holy cow... I won? :D *sniffles happy tears* Thank you, everyone... personally, I thought Fen's meatloaf looked quite awesome as well, and I plan on improvising around my dislike of sour cream to make a similar version at some time. It was a good contest, though, and I'm glad for everyone who participated!
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Re: March Contest Discussion Thread

Post by Don Alexander »

Except for me, who got no votes!! :(( :(( :(( :((

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