Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Past glories of the forum.

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Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Post by midgetshrimp »

And this months contest is... no contest! Thats right, we're going to have a nice relaxed month with everything being just for fun!

November marks the creation of the forum as it is now, so its technically our 3 year aniversary this month! And to mark it, we're going to be celebrating Frankies birthday on the 25th.

For those who don't know, or can't remember, Frankie is our lovable giant kodiak bear, forum mascot and all round strange, pink coloured and bacon loving occupant of the Elder Cave. Born into the world on the 25th of November, (waaayyyy back on page 56 of the Elder Cave ), we're going to be throwing him a party of the 25th in the Elder Cave and everyones invited, forum Elder and noobie alike.

So the contest this month is do something to celebrate! You've got free reign over what you want to do, but since its a 'just for fun' contest, there will be no voting, and Frankie will be picking out his favourites for honourable mentions and possible prizes... therefore bacon and the colour pink are recomended to be in your enteries whatever they may be.

There are no rules other then make it fun, and of course follow the universal forum guidelines.

We've grown another year older, you know? ;) The DAMNed
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Re: Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Post by Adamas »

*Pulls a forklift into the room and lowers a life-sized statue of Frankie sculpted of candied applewood smoked bacon and wearing a robe of pink fondant with Canadian bacon accents onto the dais*
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Re: Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Post by Count de Money »

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Re: Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Post by Azrael »

A bacon, Bailey's and chocolate cake with pink peppermint frosting with a pink #3 candle and pink bubble-gum and bacon bit icecream on the side. Enjoy Frank.
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Re: Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Post by Don Alexander »

An update to Frankie's DVD collection: The movie "Gone with the Wind-Up Toy" which features the memorable line "Frank, my dear, I don't give a ham!" - it always makes him cry. :(

The board game "Six Degrees of Frankie Bacon".

An Aww chewtoy. (May inadvertantly be replaced by actual Aww.)

A year-long subscription to the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Raw Pork Game) World of Porkcraft.

Enjoy! :ymparty:
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Re: Forumverse Anniversary "Contest" Entry Thread

Post by JVDifferent »

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