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Which is this year's best Halloween story?

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Halloween Spooktacular Art and Stories Contest **Vote Now**

Post by midgetshrimp »

Halloween Spooktacular Stories and Art Contest.

What is more fun than telling scary stories around a bonfire? If you are more inclined to the visual arts and literature (or if Halloween is not a tradition in your country), you can make your entry in this contest Write your own scary story, post a recording of you reading your favourite story or poem (it can be a piece of your own work, too), draw a comic strip or some nice scary art

Written stories must be be no longer than 2000 words long. Recorded stories, voice or video, no longer than 10 minutes in length. Comic strip must have a maximum of 9 panels. NSFW entries need to be submitted with the appropriate tags. If your story includes any disturbing imagery or rude language, please add a disclaimer.

Entry period runs until November 1st and voting until November 5th.

Remember to follow the forum guidelines

This is the thread for STORIES AND ART and that discussions should be held in the appropriately labeled thread.
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Re: Halloween Spooktacular Art and Stories Contest

Post by Searcher »

Not a poem nor really a story but here it is, let me know if you are going to flame me so I can get the marshmallows ready ;)

That Season.

In my home all dark and secure
In the corner I cower in fear
For that season have arrived
And the unholy have reappeared
With dread in my heart
I knew they would come
The signs have been clear
And they arrive earlier each year

I give a silent pray
To save me from this despair
However, they fall on deaf ears
For God voice has fallen mute
His great power unable to smite
Those smiles full of teeth
And silver tongues that have been spilt

Of those who wish to consume my life
Satan has also turn away
After all, there are things in which
Even he would not want to be associate with

I try to fight them with all my might
However, sadly I eventually succumb to my fright
For it seemed they were everywhere
I turn on my TV and they were there
My radio offers no reprieve
In my mailbox they appear
In their tailor suits and slick hair

With picture of them and their smiling demon spawn
Promising me riches beyond my dreams
Peace and prosperity for all
Oh can’t you see
It’s just within reach

They would cry
With no cost to me
It will be ‘other guys’ who we will bleed

As my phone rings
And a knock on my door
One thing I knew for sure
Who ever put election day so close
To Halloween
Knew what truly was
The scariest thing
Allowed under our bright shinny Sun.
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Re: Halloween Spooktacular Art and Stories Contest

Post by Artemisia »

Through The Woods

I tried to move as quickly and quietly as I could. The ground was damp beneath my feet. Every so often, I would snap a twig or a branch. Above me, the trees grasped at the night sky. Tried as they might, they could not grasp the stars to bring them closer to Earth. The scent of winter tinged the breeze as it came from the north. Where was she, was all I could think. She had told me to head north from the village. She had told me that I could find safety in the forest.

The wind shifted to the west. I stopped, tensed, and nearly choked aloud as the rancid scent of death caught my nostrils. Could-could she be dead? It had been three days since she had gone into the woods. I stood still, the moon’s winking eye hung in the sky high above. I turned on my heel and headed towards the stench. My heart beat a tattoo in my chest as I got closer to the horrible scent.

I entered a small clearing. In the center, illuminated by the waning moon, was a bundle of bones with the flesh on them still slightly red. The clothes where not hers, what little there was left of them.

My breath was knocked out of me the moment I landed flat on my belly. Something had crashed into my back.

A voice snarled by my ear “hello little girl...come to play?” The scent of death clung to his mouth. A rough hand grabbed my wrist and twisted me around under the beast’s stomach. I could feel his arousal pressed into my belly. The beast’s snout was open panting in what looked like a horrible smile. He took his hand off of my wrist and caressed my cheek. He uttered a deep chuckle and said “shall we have some fun little girl?”

I felt the hilt of a knife half covered in the dirt. It was fortuitous. I quickly brought the knife up and hit the beast in the ribs with it. His massive arm lashed out and the knife went tumbling from my right hand, but it had been enough. I brought my knee up sharply.

The beat howled in pain and rolled off of me. I scrambled to my feet. The beast lashed out at me and caught my back with his claws. I did not stop, though. I ran, blood dripping down my back and soaking into my white cape. I had to find safety. I had to find someplace I would be secure. I tracked to the north. She had to be out there, after all. I stumbled and fell to my hands. I let loose with a yelp when I realized that I had tripped over a woman’s hand. It was not her, of course, but a freshly dead young woman.

I clung to the memory of Her as I scrambled to my feet. She had eyes like sapphires, and skin that was a pale alabaster. It seemed as if she had never seen the light of day she was so pale. She moved with ethereal grace. I remembered the scent of her ebon hair. I stumbled again. I heard the rustle of the leaves to my left.

“Oh little girl...that wasn’t very nice little girl....now I won’t play nice....” I heard his voice quite close by. I took off again. “Oh, little girl...you do not want to go north....north is no fun....only a quiet grave awaits you there.....If you let me have my fun....I’ll leave you with at least one arm....”

If that beast wanted me to avoid north, then that was where I had to go. I took off again. I tried to gain my breath again. My lungs felt as if there was an iron band around them. I stumbled once more, but not because of anything. It was the lack of anything that made me stumble. I was outside the forest suddenly, and confronting a massive castle. It did not look abandoned either.

I ran towards the castle looking for something- anything that I could use to ward off the beast behind me. I heard him howling from the other side of the forest’s edge. I ran in the open gates and towards the door to the castle itself. I reached to knock on the door and the door opened. Standing, lit from behind by a room full of candles, was Her. My heart almost stopped.

“You are nearly late, my love,” was all she said. Her slender hands clapped and then she grasped my arm and ushered me into the room. The stone walls were covered with various tapestries and the floor covered in red rugs trimmed in gold. “Remind me later to have one of the huntsman go out and slay that brute for daring to touch my bride on our wedding night.”

“W-wedding night...tonight....M-Mistress, it seems far too soon for that.”

“Nonsense. Best to seal our love tonight at moon set. Claudia, take my love and get her prepared. Bathe her, tend her wounds, and get her dressed. . .

A thin woman with rather limp brown hair came forward. Unlike Mistress- who was wearing a tight fitting red dress that seemed to flow like blood streaming down her- Claudia wore simple black. “M’Lady, please follow me,” she said in a very timid voice. I let myself be lead away from my love.

I entered the chapel. Claudia had done a good job tending me, and I felt clean again. She had helped me into my wedding attire. I dared not disappoint Mistress. The lace top made my breasts rise and sink noticeably whenever I breathed. The white lace also seemed to make up the majority of the dress with layers of it making it just possible to tell that I was not allowed to wear any undergarments underneath it.

The chapel was full of a variety of people, most of whom seemed to be servants of Mistress. At the far end, she stood before the altar. She wore a far more complex dress in red. It appeared to be the mirror of mine. I hesitated only slightly as I walked up the aisle. An elderly looking priest stood behind the altar. In front of him was a chalice.

I stood opposite Mistress as soon as I reached the end of the aisle. The priest began to speak in a language that I did not understand, but Mistress seemed to know well. She picked up the chalice when the priest indicated and she sipped from it. As I took it from her, I realized that some of the contents had spilled out of her mouth and were slowly moving down her chin. I realized that the chalice held blood.

Mistress lifted a red handkerchief to her mouth and frowned a bit. “My love, drink from the chalice and rule with me in undeath forever....” She was about to say ‘or’ when I lifted the chalice to my lips and drained it. I was probably a dead woman no matter what, but that mattered little. If the choice was between being with Her, returning to my home, or dying, I would choose to be with her. I choked for a second and then fell to my knees. My body began to feel like lead. “You will awaken soon enough, my love, now sleep. . .”


I looked up at the trophy above the fireplace....had it really been a decade now? Alice had presented that trophy to me a week after we wed....his mouth was still open like he was grinning.

He was wrong, I had not found a cold grave here.
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