oh my god!

Sister Claire

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oh my god!

Post by Tenjen »

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god ! Sister claire is here!

oh my god oh my god oh my god

Oh wait...shouldnt blasphemy..certain Blue lady may not appreciate it.

long time fan!
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Re: oh my god!

Post by Don Alexander »

So we have a Lynx Kitteh but no one else. :P

Hello, anyone, like Creator-Persons?? :-H
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Re: oh my god!

Post by Blissfull Wulf »

Well, I'm always seeing ads for this one, might as well add it to the ever growing list of webcomics I need to go on an archive binge of on a rainy day.

Okay, I've started reading this, I'm on page 95 and I have to say all these references are killing me.

Okay, I'm caught up to this one now, time to start on Namesake.

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Re: oh my god!

Post by gwen_stacy »

From what i've read it looks like a good comic.
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Re: oh my god!

Post by Azrael »

I liked the Maxian "Wild Thing" jammies in comic 252. :))
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Re: oh my god!

Post by Weertangel »

Now This is a suprise!!
I have always been a fan of Yamino's art and have even met her and her brother at Abunai some years ago(she's one of those rare european webartists :) )and always loved her style, altrough it has been a while since i read Sister Claire, mainly couse i got distracted by other things in life(and webcomics like my current Favorite Misfile.)

But now i have a reason again to go read the comic and get some discussions giong :)

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Re: oh my god!

Post by RoninAngel »

I love Yamino and I adore Sister Claire! It's so nice to have my favourite webcomic all in one place! :)
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