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Re: Welcome to the Blaster Nation!

Post by redrew89 »

Created an account here just to tell you guys that you are the freakin' shiz! Great comic, probably my favorite webcomic since XKCD! (and that's saying something!) Love the art-style, characters and scads of clever nerd-culture references. (Poor Rinnie. Here's hoping she can work up the gumption to watch the rest of Gurren Lagan. :)) )

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Monsieur Mishima
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Re: Welcome to the Blaster Nation!

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its been a while since I was this upset to find myself caught up on a webcomic. really really great.
I registered here just so i could talk about BN, i cant believe its not more well known!
kinda wondering whats goin on with chris but im really enjoying all the other characters!
Will Ashliegh be doing more of her sinister fangirl act? or is that officially taking a back seat to being a cute/shy girl?

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