The topic in which I gush


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The topic in which I gush

Post by Vercalos »

I just started reading Namesakes and I'm in the middle of the Oz arc, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it, particularly the nods to the books. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who actually read the books, because I meet so many people who are aware of a book called "The Wizard of Oz" but I meet very few who are aware that there is a series of Oz books. Seeing the Wogglebug mentioned particularly made me grin. I have to admit there are some disturbing twists here and there, but at least it's not as.. Gross... As wicked.

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Re: The topic in which I gush

Post by LoneKiltedNinja »

I'll concur here :) It has been AGES since I read/was-red the entire Oz series, but it's delightful to see other references popping up beyond the movie (although for shame- the key artifacts at the start of the narrative are ~red~ slippers??)
Wonderful comic, amazing characters, great storytelling... I assume that of any place the printed books might be available, the site store will get you the biggest cut?

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