Chapter 11: Discussion


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Chapter 11: Discussion

Post by Meg »

Chapter 11 starts today! Please leave your thoughts and theories here.

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Re: Chapter 11: Discussion

Post by Blissfull Wulf »

I predict that this is gonna be another great chapter with amazing color use.

PLEASE NOTE: Thor can't read this.

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Re: Chapter 11: Discussion

Post by IsabelleofOz »

Did some Fred Sketches for this chapter : ... reddie.jpg


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Re: Chapter 11: Discussion

Post by snapdragon76 »

Ahhhh, Isa! How you manage to draw Fred so utterly adorable is amazing! I can't wait to see him again in this chapter!!

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Re: Chapter 11: Discussion

Post by making »

The only thing I can say is I'm going to explode if you guys keep playing with my shipping feels. Like seriously. lol can't wait for the next page.

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Re: Chapter 11: Discussion

Post by LoneKiltedNinja »

While the comments thread is probably the preferred feedback point, I'm already here and multiple independent registrations for the same site vex me. So. Saying it here: d'awwwwww! KITTIESSSS! Seriously. This has got to be the most adorable filler panel I've seen in quite some time ^_^

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