Fragile: Chapter 04

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Re: Fragile: Chapter 04

Post by TBeholder »

Jess? Let's see... She is too hyperactive to actually get cold and too distracted to notice anyway? ;)
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Re: Fragile: Chapter 04

Post by Agent Pirate »

Here's an approved photo of Shou in the wild:
Still looking for the elusive ones in the Hello Kitty hat.
(I think she looks like the drawing... minus the gigantic eyes, I guess)
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Re: Fragile: Chapter 04

Post by Chantelune »

A wild Shouri appears !

Catch'em all ! o/~°

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Re: Fragile: Chapter 04

Post by Ravenhull »


You know, I rather enjoy that Shouri didn't go with the full identical twins with the girls there. A nice change of pace from the stereotype, and more like the real world.
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Re: Fragile: Chapter 04

Post by Don Alexander »

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Re: Fragile: Chapter 04

Post by Azrael »

Yes, white dove. If this were a Hong Kong action flick, someone is about to die in massive gunfight.
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