Puffa Puffa + Boo: P.I.'s!

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Puffa Puffa + Boo: P.I.'s!

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http://www.springiette.net/strips/oppor ... Eas3sFlRcQ

In the above strip, people commented on how cool it would be if the two - Boo and Puffa - got their own series. One commenter called it "Puffa Puffa + Boo: P.I.'s!" and the idea was generally favored from there.

What do you all think of this? Should a fan do it or would you like the author to do a side strip about it? I generally like the idea myself.

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Re: Puffa Puffa + Boo: P.I.'s!

Post by Shouri »

(I was planning to do something PPAD/Boo related, but I'll continue being mysterious about it B-) )

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Re: Puffa Puffa + Boo: P.I.'s!

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