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Springiette fanfic sneak peak!

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:18 am
by EBDonn
I'm going to write a fanfic and HOPEFULLY make it a fancomic. I'm not good at drawing in the least but the Springiette style is pretty easy to follow so we'll see. This is the dialogue of what would be the first "strip":


20 years ago... We see a group of men in uniform talking. On their uniforms is a symbol, black licorice arranged into an odd shape. They are the Black Licorice: a force of military might feared by the entire world.

Commander Jaw Law Jaw: How eez eet going Profezzor?

Professor Spinach S. Cream: Perfect, commander. Step into the chamber if you wish to wield the power of Bitter!

The commander steps into the chamber. The procedure begins with the soldiers standing at attention and the professor laughing maniacally. The brown energies of Bitter encompass the commander...

Suddenly, a figure in a witchy white outfit bursts in through the window!

Professor Spinach S. Cream: Candy Witch Lisa?! Ha! You are too late! The conversion is already done!

The professor is now the focus, his hands raised above his head like claws - the most evil laughing position in existence!

Professor Spinach S. Cream: Your powers over Sweet and Sour are nothing compared to the raw majesty of Bitter!


The above would be the first few paragraphs of the fanfic or else the first strip of the fancomic. Now here's some interesting facts:

I post in Springiette as Calan and Carl Sagan (as a response to the joke about him helping create the choco universe).

I already came up with the concept of a Candy Witch class that used Sour (Black Magic or Debuffing) and Sweet (White Magic or Buffing) elemental magic. Springiette is the first universe I have ever stumbled upon where I have been able to expand upon this class. The "Bitter" part of the fanfic is a response to the Bitter Energies named in the webcomic.

There are officially 7 known tastes in our own world: Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, Umami, Piquance, and Metallic. Of these Bitter would be strongest and thus if manifested would also be more powerful. The greater the power of something, the greater the danger it poses and the harder it is to control.

I will reveal what EBDonn means soon along with giving you all my progress on the project. In fancomic form it goes for 3 strips.

Fanfic: 40%

Art Design: 0%

Fancomic: 0%