REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Next?

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by jsrail »

grobles23 wrote:
Adam Arnold wrote:Since everyone has a favorite series or title that they'd like to see licensed, this new thread is the place for you to post all your requests!

What manga would you like to see Seven Seas license next?
There's 2 yuri stories like Citrus that are a big hit one is Lily Love by Ratana Satis


And the other is a Korean one Fluttering Feelings or Exciting Feelings by Ssamba


I know you guys don't like to publish a long one so let me tell you :) don't get scared by the 58 chapters they are short ones each. Check them out!

I second these!


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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by Sanc2ary »

I would love to see Heaven's Lost Property. The anime is my favorite and the manga is even better. So good.

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by Crazyj21990 »

Here are some summaries that I finally came across for two of the titles on my list of requests that I didn't include summaries to along with their names in English...

Precarious Woman Executive Miss Black General (Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san):

"In the series, Miss Black General is a villainous leader of RX, a secret organization bent on world-domination. Unfortunately, Miss Black General also has a huge crush on Brave Man, a costumed superhero dedicated to foiling RX's evil schemes, and she often mistakes his violent heroics for an overly enthusiastic form of flirtation." (Summary obtained from ... ck-general).

Youkai Hyakkitan! - Yukemuri Ibunroku:

"From MangaHelpers:

Aruji is the young male manager of the Mayoiga Onsen, a hot spring resort hidden deep in the mountains for youkai from all over the world. The hot spring is made up of a lively group of people including Nekomata, the cat youkai and head maid, Inugami, a youkai idol/maid who is always looking to please her fans, and Kawadou, a tomboy laborer who has to constantly fix the resort. [Niffer]" (Summary obtained from

Also here's my revised list of requests...

List of Titles that I Would Really Like to see Licensed and Published the Most:

Akilleus - Argos no Gunshin
Area 51
Baby Princess
Regards to Black Wife! (Black Yome ni Yoroshiku!)
Boku to Senpai no Tekken Kousai
Cherry x Cherry
A Lady's Time! (Domina no Do!)
Dual x Justice (Dual Justice)
L-Size Little Sister (Eru-Eru Sister)
Fukigen Cinderella
Killing Blooms Under the Rounded Moon (Gachirin ni Kiri Saku)
Hime-sama Tanuki no Koizanyou
Izo's Lover! (Izoraba!)
God Has Fallen (Kami-sama Drop)
Leona Explosion
Momo Lover (Momo Raba)
Metsuko ni Yoroshiku
Nariyuki Makase no Tengu Michi
Granny's an Idol (Obaachan wa Idol)
Grampa is a Boy Detective (Ojiichan wa Shounen Tantei)
Demon Princess VS (Onihime VS)
Perowan! (Perowan! - Hayaku Shinasai? Goshujin-sama)
Zombie Cherry (Shikabane Cherry)
Space China Dress
Tama Hiyo! (Tama Hiyori)
Tokkou Maid Thunder (Tokkou! Maid Thunder)
Keep your Hands off my Daughter! (Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasuna! - Oyako Heroine Funtousu)
The Cradle of The Sea (Umi no Cradle)
Vampire Library
Oh, My Sweet Alien! (Yome ga Kore na Monde)
The Misfortunes of Local Knight Hans (Chihou Kishi Hans no Junan)
Youkai Hyakkitan! - Yukemuri Ibunroku
I Can't Be a Princess (Boku wa Ohime-sama ni Narenai)
Precarious Woman Executive Miss Black General (Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san)

I still hope that you guys will license and publish my requests. :ympray:

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by PeinSaku »

Might you please consider Shinrei Tantei Yakumo as a future license? I noticed that it's published by Kodakawa, so hopefully that means it's at least possible. :) Thank you very much!

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by Crazyj21990 »

Here are some other cool titles that I would like to add to my list of requests...

Bucchigiri Cabin Attendant (Bucchigir CA):

"Young Yamane Rin just finished her training and officially became a flight attendant for Fuji Airlines. On her first day, she thought it was going to be a pleasant flight. Not so fast, Yamane. Apart from struggling to learn how to deal with difficult passengers, Rin meets the Chief Attendant, Hanazono Hinako, who appears to be sweet. However, that is just one of her many facets. In fact, she's a dauntless and win-by-a-large-margin kind of girl, who becomes a completely different person after work.

Bucchigiri means "winning (a race) by a wide margin" or #1, but it has other meanings. At one point, it was a degraded form of English's "break." These days, however, it describes an automobile's/motorcycle's extreme acceleration, which refers to delinquents. " (Summary obtained from

Daily Life of Sorceress Nina (Nina-san no Mahou Seikatsu):

"Three days dragon flight from the nearest town, deep, deep in the forest, then deeper still, lives a 'witch'. Nina the witch, also called "The world's strongest witch". Visiting her is the apprentice, Iris.
This is the record of the witch and her apprentice's peaceful days, in a remote forest that breathes illusions and magic." (Summary obtained from This manga would be addition to that other title you guys are already licensing and publishing which is "The Ancient Magus' Bride".

Ninkoi - Karenbo Hichou:

"From MangaHelpers:
Mikado Shuuji is just an ordinary guy, but he has a very unusual knife that he uses for cooking. It's actually a famous short sword that marks its owner as the head of the ninjas, and now there are hot ninja girls coming after him to take it back. Hinamori Botan is one of those hot ninja girls, but her efforts to attack Shuuji mostly end up inadvertently stripping her. After she concludes that she does not want to steal the sword and kill Shuuji, she ends up deciding to serve him as a ninja instead. Now she must protect him from the other ninja that come to claim his sword and his life." (Summary obtained from

I still hope that you will license and publish these titles along with the other ones that I would really like to see licensed and published the most. :ympray:

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by FlameHazeSnS »

Why not license The Severing Crime Edge (Dansai Bunri no Kuraimu Ejji)? It's only released in 10 volumes.

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by Snyder227 »

I've seen some titles as Anime and think these Manga/Light Novel titles would do well:

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple or History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi (Shijō Saikyō no Deshi: Kenichi)
Samurai Harem (Asu no Yoichi)
Absolute Duo (Abusoryūto Duo)
Psychic Squad: Children (Zettai Karen Children)
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Hagure Yūsha no Esutetika)
Cat's Eye (Kyattsu Ai)
Aria The Scarlet Ammo (Hidan no Aria) (digital manga hasn't done anything for 2 years and it doesn't even show up on their web page as a title they sell)
Tokyo ravens (Tōkyō Reivunzu)
Infinite Stratos ( IS <Infinitto Sutoratosu>)
Maken Ki (Makenki)

I got the titles in Parentheses from wikipedia, so I am not 100% certain that is the exact title in (Hepburn?) Japanese.

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Re: REQUEST THREAD: What Manga Should Seven Seas License Nex

Post by Adam_Arnold »

This forum section might be closed, but we're still open to title suggestions.

Drop us a line with what you'd like to see via...