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Post by arizonna »

Anybody read/watched this manga/movie? There is a horror japanese manga called vortex/uzumaki. There is also a similar movie (loaded in youtube) called uzumaki. I watched a movie, and I almost threw up when a guy went inside a laundry machine to twist his body in a shape of snail's body (like a vortex). What did you guys think about this movie? Disgusting or frightening?

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Lord Styphon
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Re: Uzumaki

Post by Lord Styphon »

Now that I've split this from the Strawberry Panic thread where the Indian spammer put it despite it having no business being there, I'll just say that Uzumaki is a hilarious title that's fun for the whole family. Check it out today!

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Re: Uzumaki

Post by magelet »

One of my all time favorite manga (along with everything else by Junji Ito). If you like crazy, inventive, creepy horror, definitely check his stuff out! In addition to tons of movie adaptions of his stuff (including an entire franchise of movies loosely based on his Tomie series), there was recently an anime OVA put out that adapted GYO. (which I still need to watch orz)

As far as the Uzumaki movie goes, it's definitely entertaining and worth a watch, though it goes in a rather different direction than the manga. I found to be a bit more humorous than horrifying (can you say campy?), but it still has some great creepy scenes, as well as an overall unsettling feeling. Just don't expect a perfect retelling of the manga, and I think you'll enjoy it.

PS. If the laundry machine bit almost made you puke, don't ever read Glyceride. Talk about disgusting stuff...

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