First and current favorite manga...and why.

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Re: First and current favorite manga...and why.

Post by Harroe »

First favorite manga: Definitely D.N.ANGEL. The idea of art being able to think, feel, move, and just plain exist was fascinating to me. Then I was always following along trying to figure out what was going on with the curse of the Hikari and the Niwa families. I really sympathized for Satoshi and wanted him to find happiness. Then when Argentine came in I fell in love with that piece of art. Not in the sense of actual romantic attraction, but I enjoyed watching his expressions and hearing his spoken thoughts as he tried desperately to have a heart. So beautiful...-sobs-. I'm very sad that Tokyopop never released all the volumes. If I remember right, they were one volume away from completion.

Current favorite manga: My absolute favorite to date is Nightmare Inspector Yumekui Kenbun. As far as an overall plot, it was lacking, but I like it because I love looking at dreams and finding their meanings. There were so many creative and familiar dreams within every chapter. I think the dream that stuck in my mind the most was the one that was entirely made up of kanji. Every object was made from it's kanji character. That was just cool. The original baku's design was also complete eye candy. I also feel that this manga holds certain truths that I've always held on to, like the idea that many nightmares can be beneficial if you take the time to understand what they mean. Basically I just love the dream theme XD.

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Re: First and current favorite manga...and why.

Post by FurriesRock »

First Favorite is Claymore.

I love how it follows the career of Clair and then morphs into a kinda conspiracy plot with a very tiny hint of romance. I never knew where the story would lead whenever I turned the page. Unpredictability made this Manga wonderful for me.

Current Favorite is Monster Musume.

When I first browsed the title at the book store I thought it was just Hentai light, but I went ahead and picked it up anyway. I'm glad I decided on it because it's cute, kinda romantic, and has some good comedy.

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Re: First and current favorite manga...and why.

Post by Hunter_Rose »

First manga that really got me into collecting and basically into comics was "Akira". This was back in the 80's and manga was really a small niche market outside of the really big cities (New York, L.A., Toronto, etc.). Plus the books published at that time were mirror printed so their production required more image manipulation which cut into the profit margin, but this was pretty much eliminated once Adobe Photoshop became available and comics could be produced through digital techniques. I don't really read manga anymore because I started to find the themes somewhat derivative. Also when tankōbons started showing up at Barnes and Nobel graphic novels from independent comic artists started to gain ground and D.C.'s Vertigo comics and Dark Horse publishing started really pushing aside the traditional superhero themes that pretty much dominated the western comics industry up to the end of the bronze age of comics. The closest thing to anime that I have recently read was Brian Lee O'Mally's "Seconds". I really follow stuff like "DMZ" and "Walking Dead" now.

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