Friday The 13th: The Game

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Friday The 13th: The Game

Post by brnleague99 » currently in beta testing. There are videos all over YouTube that show groups of beta-testers screaming in uncontrolled glee whilst playing the game, which looks awesome beyond all belief. So, you can either be Jason or a camp counselor. Jason's goal is to slaughter each and every one in a group of 8 counselors. And Jason's kills are brutal as all hell. He can break backs. Crush skulls. Rip off limbs. Drown his victims. Burn their faces off. Etc. And you can be different Jasons. So far the Jasons from F132, F133, F136, and F137 have been revealed as playable characters. (With the Jasons from Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X RUMORED to be coming soon).

If, on the other hand, you are a camp counselor...your goal is simple. Survive. Escape from Jason's murderous rage. You do this by fulfilling a number of set parameters. Repair cars, call the police, summon a shotgun toting Tommy Jarvis, collect pocketknives that will break Jason's grip if he chokes you, etc. If you can survive a brutally long twenty minutes, or manage to escape the camp after calling the survive. But trust me, it is not as simple as it sounds. Jason is out there, in the wilderness and he will have his revenge for what was done to his "sainted" mother. Coming in 2017 to PS4. Have a taste! Ki ki ki ma ma ma! B-) :D
If you are an F13 fan, you will find this video funny...and cool as hell. That said, it is ABSOLUTELY not NSFW. Be warned. Enjoy! Survive your trek into Jason's Killing Ground!
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