Any manhwa fanboys out here?

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Any manhwa fanboys out here?

Post by lolapaolaberry »

Was wondering if any of you is also familiar with manhwas (anime/manga from Korea)??? I found out about manhwas not so long ago and it's my new thing! :) Would love to hear if others are into it as well and what you would recommend! :D

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Re: Any manhwa fanboys out here?

Post by lukevm89 »

Hell yes! The Koreans can deliver some good stuff as well. The Breaker and Witch Hunter are two of my favorites, you should check them out. Magician is also nice. I also just discovered a new platform called Spottoon where they have some interesting new manhwas. From what I read so far I can recommend Impulse, Preta, and definitely Love Maker, which I absolutely love (it's about a bad-ass Cupid who's sent to earth for being too bad-ass lol B-) )

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