PS4 or Xbox 1

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PS4 or Xbox 1

Post by Searcher »

Personally, I must answer it in this format ...


So Sony announced the suggest retail price at 399.00 USD available around Xmass season, it will allow you to still rent games, borrow you buddies games, not require a 24 hour check on-line ...

Of course, doesn't really mattered if they can't get decent games out.

And from a very layman impression I get when browsing for games, it seems that Microsoft does supply more exclusive games then does Sony.

And on the privacy front ... they both suck.

So which one will get your hard earned buck this year?
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Re: PS4 or Xbox 1

Post by Weertangel »

Neither, since there are no good games announced for them and i rather stick to my PC and the consoles i already have.
Besides, if i'm gonna spend 400 euro on something it will be on a Tablet or something similar..

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Re: PS4 or Xbox 1

Post by Adamas »

I never buy first wave consoles. (RROD ring a bell?) I always wait until the first price drop, the library has grown enough to give me an idea if they'll be worth the money.
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Re: PS4 or Xbox 1

Post by Artemisia »

I haven't bought a console since my Atari 2600....
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Re: PS4 or Xbox 1

Post by Tenjen »

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