Project: Takedown

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Project: Takedown

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Do you guys like tactical shooters? I don't mean crap like Ghost Recon. I'm talking more in the vein of the old Rainbow Six games. Well then do I have news for you.

There's a website out there called kickstarter. Its basically a funding platform for creative projects. Its become rather popular with indie game developers to fund the projects that no publisher will touch (Cause they're all fucking morons and think they know everything the gaming community wants).

Well, Christian Allen of Serellan Studios recently posted a kickstarter campaign to fund a game called Takedown, a tactical shooter, as I implied above, that is like the old Rainbow Six games. Their goal was $200k so they could develop an Alpha build that they could use to shop around with publishers to show that this is a real and very viable game.

Well they hit that goal with an extra $21,833 under their belts to push it along even further on April 1st. Now let me just say now that this NOT an April Fool's joke. Allen has been talking about the game over his twitter quite a lot recently. This is real.

Do I have your attention yet? If so, check out the details here.

I for one hope the game makes it. I need something to break the monotony of all the Call of Duty and Battlefield-esque shooters flooding the market. I really od.
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