Seven Seas Launches Tabletop Games Division

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Seven Seas Launches Tabletop Games Division

Post by Adam_Arnold »

(LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2015) – Seven Seas Entertainment is delighted to announce the launch of its all-new tabletop games division, Seven Seas Games. Combining its passion and expertise in the manga and anime fields with the ability to create high quality original products, Seven Seas Games will meld the anime aesthetic with strategic card and board games, introducing fans to a whole new way of experiencing their favorite titles.

From deck-building card games to strategic board games, to games incorporating miniature figures, Seven Seas Games will offer a wide variety of exciting new games based on popular anime properties, and original titles as well.

“Both manga and board games are cited as two areas of growth in the publishing industry,” says Seven Seas President Jason DeAngelis, “We’ve decided to combine both, appealing to manga and anime fans as well as gamers in a whole new way.”

Upcoming games released by Seven Seas Games will be available for purchase through a variety of retailers and distribution outlets starting in late 2015.

Seven Seas Games will announce its first game on March 4, 2015.

For more information, visit the Seven Seas Games website at:

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Re: Seven Seas Launches Tabletop Games Division

Post by FurriesRock »

Sounds cool, one thing I would point out is that me and a buddy got into Magic The Gathering for a while, but got fed up with having to take cards out of our decks every few months.

I would say don't obsolete older cards for any card games you make, it's really frustrating.