20-06-12 No you hang up

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Dr. Jeff
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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

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Kradeiz wrote:
Chicopinto wrote:
Kradeiz wrote:Anyone else just realize that this is the most popular forum topic since Hecate tried to kill Faith and Tiff?

I have a suggestion! Let's make this, THE MOST POPULAR TOPIC of Eerie Cuties!!
For that, we would need 15 pages, I think the currently most popular topic of EC was when Ace and Kade swapped genders at 14 pages. Which was too bad, I liked girl Ace; I mean, I like guy Ace, too, but I found the girl version more interesting. We learned a lot about Ace in that time.
* sniffles * I miss girl-type Ace. :((
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Storm-forge mystique
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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

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As I've said before, I do too, but I don't want him/her back. The suddenness and apparent irreversibility of the change were a big part of the character; the fact that he's been through this before shoots down the former trivially, and the latter as well, since even if there's no obvious way to get back, the idea of spending the rest of his life that way, having gotten out once before, will be a fringe possibility at most. Essentially, we'd be looking at an entirely different presence than the first time around.

I don't mind her being gone for good. Just as long as boy-type Ace remembers his flea shampoo. :p

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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

Post by Aquila89 »

Storm-forge mystique wrote: especially since everyone in this half of Thornhill has that weird PG obsession with kissing.
I don't exactly understand that...

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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

Post by Chicopinto »

Dr. Jeff wrote:* sniffles * I miss girl-type Ace. :((
Me too!!! :((

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vampire hunter D
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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

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Kradeiz wrote:
'J' wrote:well if there were no male characters anywhere, the entire world of the comic be depopulated within one short generation.
Assuming there isn't some sort of magical way for same-sex couples to have kids.
Who needs magic. I believe modern reproductive medicine has advanced to the point where they could artificially create embryos from two mothers in a lab and then implant them

I know, weird too think about, but possible. So now the mad scientist in me has some stuff he wants to try......
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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

Post by Artemisia »

Not yet, but they are getting very, very close to being able to do that.
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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

Post by Varanus »

Well I for one hope a few straight couples survive all the fans clamoring for lesbian couples in Eerie Cuties. I mean Magick Chicks has a population that appears to be 95% lesbian, give the boys a chance! :ympray:

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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

Post by 'J' »

and how many non-lesbian relationships would you expect to see in a comic set in an all girl school?

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Error of Logic
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Re: 20-06-12 No you hang up

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All the ones between the girls charging out the gate at the end of the day, complaining about all the oestrogen and their need for some 'company', and the boys who are their boyfriends.

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