Red Five, standing by...

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Red Five, standing by...

Post by CaliforniaDave »

While we wait for Giz to threaten her computer into submission ("Ooo yes, Mistress Giz...format me! Make me WORK!!")...

...let's talk about this: what character would you like to learn more about?

Personally, I'd like a bit more background on Yuki and on Hermit Rob. What has happened to them to make them the way they are (especially Rob)?

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Re: Red Five, standing by...

Post by Don Alexander »

I'd like to meet the two entities which birthed the entity DiDi. Maybe one was an alien goeddess or so? ;)
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Re: Red Five, standing by...

Post by Panchocheesecake »

Red 3 standing by.
Red 6 standing by.
Red 5 standing by
Red Buttons standing by.
Redd Foxx standing by.
Big Red standing by.
Red October standing by.
Helen Reddy standing by.
Simply Red standing by.

Ok, we can have the comic now...
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Re: Red Five, standing by...

Post by Radbaron »

red red wine, stay close to me
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Re: Red Five, standing by...

Post by Ravenhull »

Rosie Palm, get out of here.
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Re: Red Five, standing by...

Post by Paul »

I'd like to find out more about Zii past...the non-sexual-conquest parts.

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