On Tuscon, Arizona

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Gil Hamilton
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On Tuscon, Arizona

Post by Gil Hamilton »

Is anyone from the Tuscon area? In a fewer days than my rational mind can readily cope, I'll be moving out to Tuscon, AZ. I was wondering if there is anyone here from the area who's familiar with it to give me some inside tips on the city, like good resturants, venues, activities; stuff like that. During my visitation weekend there, the grad students talked about 4th Avenue as a hotspot, Mexico isn't that far away, and that nearby Mt. Lemmon is awesome, but other than that, this is moving to Mars for me.

The best advice I've gotten so far is "Relax, have fun, and if you find yourself in Maricopa County, for the love of God don't get arrested."

Thanks in advance.

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Re: On Tuscon, Arizona

Post by Otaku201 »

I hope to move there in the future as well. It's where the girl I love lives, and it has plenty of other good things too. If you didn't notice already, be prepared to see tons of people with visibly holstered guns.

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Re: On Tuscon, Arizona

Post by CrimsonNite »

There's not really a hell of a lot, but try the Old Tucson Studios, which was I think built in the 1920s, they filmed a bunch of classic movies there.

You could walk up Mount Lemon, which gives a sudden change of scenery to green!

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