Aww, someone doesn't like me speaking my mind...

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Aww, someone doesn't like me speaking my mind...

Post by Eight » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:36 pm

What's up Bear?

Time of the month?

Don't like me pointing out the forums flaws?

"Oh boo hoo, nobody entered our competition, so now we're gonna sulk and complain and hate stuff and 'hug' each other and talk about bacon all the time like we always do...."

Sometimes this forums is quite pathetic.

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Re: Aww, someone doesn't like me speaking my mind...

Post by thaldin » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:49 pm

Actually, I'm going to stand up and defend Bear here, he does a lot of work to help keep things entertaining with monthly contests and fun.

I saw your original post and thought it was a over the line. At no point did I see Bear rail anyone for not entering other than shake his paw at people, which I took to be in jest, since it's normal.

Honestly, I thought it was you that was having the issue because I saw nothing that justified nor provoked the kind of response you posted, Eight.


Re: Aww, someone doesn't like me speaking my mind...

Post by MarkMoriquendi » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:57 pm

why the hell is this being made public? you got a grievance, keep it with them
dragging your dirty laundry out in front of everyone makes you look like a whiny bitch

someone lock this

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Re: Aww, someone doesn't like me speaking my mind...

Post by Bear » Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:00 pm


But being kept up for now so people know the truth of whats happening.

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Re: Aww, someone doesn't like me speaking my mind...

Post by Dirty n Evil » Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:23 pm

Thank you, Thaldin.

Eight, my original impulse was to delete this thread and give you a private warning. But a few people have already read this thread, and I think it only fair that they see the thought pattern behind decisions. So after my post this will be locked again, save for another moderator or administrator wishing to contribute their thoughts.

Bear tries to make this forum a better place. He puts effort into his contests and other distractions not for his own sake, but for the sake of those who visit. I actually truly wish I could have thought of an idea to join this particular contest, but with my current work schedule leaving me so harried I was unable to think of a witty and amusing entry despite my best efforts. Bear did something that I wanted to be part of, he was creative in a way to include others in the forum to also have fun.

In response, Eight, you made an uwarranted personal attack that was tasteless and did nothing to help this forum. What's more, your comments were disrespectful towards one of the moderators of this forum, people who do their best to try and keep this atmosphere fun, supportive, and caring towards one another. It's a position that requires hours a day and we don't see any monetary compensation for this effort - we do this because we like this forum, we like the people who come here, and we want them to feel welcome.

When we allow comments such as the one you gave, it makes people feel unwelcome. Never mind who it's directed at - if we were to allow this behavior towards anyone, people are going to see that this is an environment that allows personal attacks... and the next time, they could be the target of one of these attacks. I want everyone here to feel safe and protected from exactly this sort of behavior, a refuge from the negativity and poison that pervades everyday life.

Consider this your warning, Eight. Please refrain from any further actions of this nature. However, on the flip side of this if there is any concern or worry that you have and you would like to express it towards actually changing things for the better... I encourage you to PM me. Others have, and know that I truly listen and do my best to respond in a way to help all parties involved. Because I don't like dealing with only the symptom behind issues, instead addressing the cause behind it all so things can actually get better. This is an offer out not only to you, Eight, but to any member of the forum.
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