Penny and Aggie website hacked?

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Penny and Aggie website hacked?

Post by Ailith »

Dunno if anyone else here reads Penny and Aggie, but this was the only place I could think of to bring this up.

The fuck, man?
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Re: Penny and Aggie website hacked?

Post by Artemisia »

My guess is a hack.
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Re: Penny and Aggie website hacked?

Post by Yen sid »


Sorry, but that is funny to me for some reason.


I'm about SICK of hackers.
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Re: Penny and Aggie website hacked?

Post by Storm-forge mystique »

Yeah, we all got these obscene emails "from T" - now the site's back up, with all the comics but with that old "Help Gisele quit" donation meter, but the fora are down.

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Re: Penny and Aggie website hacked?

Post by Pneumonica »

I haven't been on that forum for a while, but if the hacker used the same nick in the forum that he/she used in the e-mail, that's not the most intelligent act in the world. I think hackers have started getting motivation after recent major victories by certian hackers. Grandiose overblown gestures like these develop an inertia - the more it happens, the more people copycat.
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