2018-12-14 I betrayed you

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Re: 2018-12-14 I betrayed you

Post by Ecchi-Spud »

And step by step . . . INCH BY INCH . . .
She steps up to her, AND SHE LETS HER HAVE IT!!!
Many thanks to Raamyah for the avvie!!!!

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Re: 2018-12-14 I betrayed you

Post by BrianX »

BrianX wrote:
Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:12 pm
Plus I still feel like Sandra was more successful than Zoe let her realize. While she was still thinking of herself as a Hooters waitress who almost made it big, the Canadian agency probably saw her as a license to print money.
(Of course, I also have a headcanon that Tatiana was born and raised in France and is ethnically Russian but would last about fifteen minutes in Moscow or St. Petersburg, ten in winter. If there's a Russian equivalent of "Plastic Paddy", that's Tatiana.)

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