2018-11-27 Exclusive part for a record drop

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Re: 2018-11-27 Exclusive part for a record drop

Post by JoybuzzerX »

Love the look of Sandra in the last panel :)

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Re: 2018-11-27 Exclusive part for a record drop

Post by BrianX »

I guess the easiest interpretation is that Zoe doesn't quite know the management side of the business as well as she thinks she does. I mean, yes, Sandra is a disaster katamari when it comes to personal relationships, but come on -- her face is in literally every game shop and consumer tech magazine in the world right now, the same as a year ago. Given the audience she's likely to have, at the very least Maxim and SI (and possibly Playboy) must have been looking for her. Right now, being Sandra's management is a license to print money, and that this was going to happen had to have been obvious a year ago. Dumping her back in Canada with no warning or explanation is professional malpractice; I feel like Zoe's current semi-scrambled emotional state reflects at least one significant lawsuit from one of Sandra's employers. Zoe fucked up bad, and is probably not about to admit it.

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