2018-09-11 I could become a model too

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Re: 2018-09-11 I could become a model too

Post by Gotoh »

rogermart wrote:
Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:45 pm
that's not my point.

My point was that both Sandra and Marie can hit the booze and have two different outcomes because it depends on the person and the circumstances.
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Likewise, boozing and wild partying doesn't necessarily lead to the end of someone's career. Otherwise, Sandra would've been out of work long before she ever left Montreal (as in, before she got her own comic).

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Re: 2018-09-11 I could become a model too

Post by dmra »

For those people saying that models don't party can I suggest you google "drunk" and the name of any model you can think of. Models coming out of nightclubs the worse for wear is hardly a novelty and it doesn't seem to do them much harm career wise.

Modelling isn't exactly a nine to five Monday to Friday job so as long as you don't show up for a shoot or show totally incapable nobody is likely to look down on you because you were out having a good time.

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Re: 2018-09-11 I could become a model too

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And that's the thing with Sandra, we know that she hits the booze and turns wild, but she never showed up drunk or hungover to a job, not as a waitress, not as a model, the only job she was bad at it because of alcohol was bartender, so she knows that as long as her job is not serving drinks, she is fine.

Now, we know that one night of too much partying ended with her in Brasil, and another night ended with her in a tropical paradise, but those 2 nights were more about acquaintances having private jets (Senna and Domenico).

Marie on the other hand seems that she is in a path of self-destruction, not because she drinks, but how she is shown in the strips being reckless, and of course we know that this has 2 reasons: 1. Eva and 2. Alex.
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Re: 2018-09-11 I could become a model too

Post by Cortez »

Yeah, Marie clearly crossed the line into unhealthy.

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