2018-08-28 Can probably write a list

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Re: 2018-08-28 Can probably write a list

Post by WizzarTheRed »

I didn't notice in the initial reading, but doesn't Sandra usually have to be drunk to openly acknowledge that she finds another woman sexually attractive? Either it's character development, or I'm reading too far into a punchline.

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Re: 2018-08-28 Can probably write a list

Post by rogermart »

Nahh, Sandra always have always complemented women when she finds them attractive. She even does some harmless flirting.

Example: http://www.sandraontherocks.com/strips- ... oincidence

With booze she goes from that to being actually aroused, making moves and full wild banging... The only one that got her really aroused without booze was Cammy.
That's what i do... i drink and i know things...

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