2018-08-10 -20%

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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by brasca »

Spidrift wrote:
Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:37 am
First off, can I just say how much I like panel 1?

(A lot.)

The Ruby cameo is appreciated, of course. Even if it does reinforce her low-key butt monkey status -- she shouldn't have to wipe drool off that smart jacket. Though I guess, if one uses urban public transport, drool is getting off lightly.
brasca wrote:
Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:07 am
Agreed! Although I wish there meeting could've been more than her passed out and drooling from exhaustion on Ruby's coat. Even if Ruby has enough to handle being the PA for Dillon and Amber she could at the very least track down her former employers as well as Dark Matter Games.
Yahbutt... It really shouldn't take Ruby's Google skills to track down Sandra's Paris friends; anybody who knows what a search engine is and has half a brain could do it in three minutes. But I guess that Ruby is the only character in the setting who's been shown to know what a search engine is, and one of the few with half a brain.
Perhaps, but I'd still like to see a confrontation with Ruby and Tatiana and this is about the only way that could happen.

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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by Spidrift »

Given that, (a) if two characters are in the same city, the writers take that as a good reason to have them meet, and (b) Tatiana previously thought about setting up a shoot in Montreal, while Zoé may want to bring the team over when she thinks Sandra has learned her lesson, and anyway Domenico is a loon who’s capable of flying anywhere on any minimal excuse...

If the writers want anyone from Montreal to meet any of the agency characters, they can set it up without breaking sweat. No special arrangements required. And if they don’t, it just won’t happen, no matter how logical it may seem.
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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by Mordhaus »


We're gonna need a montage!
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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by Error of Logic »

Really, if this were the end of SotR... I wouldn't mind. ^_^ Sandra's working hard and getting results. There's no freakshow going off all around her... I like it.

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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by norman728 »

now i wonder , now that eloise has won, what's next

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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by Renadt »

norman728 wrote:
Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:14 am
now i wonder , now that eloise has won, what's next
That was pyrrhic at best. In her attempt to ruin Sandra, she also hurt Pierre and ruined his trust in certain people. Also, he may have realized that Eloise was not trustworthy either. He may have realized that she was using the breakup to get into his pants. Or he was never attracted to her in the first place.

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Re: 2018-08-10 -20%

Post by vampire hunter D »

Maybe Eloise will wind up working together with Sandra on the same job?
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