2018-08-07 In Montreal

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Re: 2018-08-07 In Montreal

Post by sparky »

Is anyone hoping that the happy ending for this strip will be that she makes it in modelling industry without having to deal with the assortment of kooks, idiots, and jerks in Paris? Not having to live with Tatiana would be the biggest bonus EVER for her as well.

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Re: 2018-08-07 In Montreal

Post by Error of Logic »

That kind of ending wouldn't suck, in my opinion.

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Re: 2018-08-07 In Montreal

Post by Spidrift »

I suspect that it’s rather self-contradictory in the setting, and that may even be realistic. The fashion industry isn’t noted for its sanity.

Plus, if she wants the insanity out of her life, the place to start is with herself.

And the comic stopped being just about her long ago. I’m really more interested in endings, happy or otherwise, for several other characters.
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Re: 2018-08-07 In Montreal

Post by samtheman »

I wish this comic would update more often.

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