2017-07-27 Probably still in Paris

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Re: 2017-07-27 Probably still in Paris

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"çela"? Never put a cedilla before e, i, or y. You can use "ça" or "cela".

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Re: 2017-07-27 Probably still in Paris

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Oh, Didi - please comfort Sandra in the soft crevice of your bountiful bosom. I think she needs it.

Come on, I meant Didi's boundless compassion, not her breasts.

No, I didn't.
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Re: 2017-07-27 Probably still in Paris

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Error of Logic wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:45 am
However this turns out and whatever the motivation behind recent events it, this is definitely an interesting twist - and hopefully a good lesson for Sandra.
Maybe, but at present she seems to think this was all done to her out of spite rather than punishment.

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