23-10-15 No compliment

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Re: 23-10-15 No compliment

Post by Spidrift » Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:58 pm

Oh dear. I really wasn't trying to troll anyone into rejoining an argument that they'd sworn to drop, but it's rather tirned out that way... Anyway, what you said was that you had zero interest in other characters' actions in relation to Ruby. But those characters' actions are the context here. If context is allowed to count (but just doesn't in this case), well, your lack of interest is your personal judgement, and just looks a little ... narrow, to me, when Ruby's actions are so obviously a response to her experience.

Specifically, Ruby is blocking Amber's attempts to make friends, not showing any gratitude for Amber's giving her a place to stay, and refusing to pay Amber compliments despite Amber paying her a salary. The trouble is, first, Ruby tried to befriend Amber, ten years or so ago, when Ruby really, really needed a friend - and Amber literally locked her out. So it's a bit late for her to get all chummy now. Second, we've never seen Amber show Ruby any gratitude for keeping her secret from her parents. (Amber probably thinks that was trivial. Ruby would disagree.) So Amber may not have much of a case there, depending what was or wasn't said off-screen in the past. And third, well, Ruby's good opinions aren't for sale. Good for her.

And, let's face it, Ruby tried to warn Amber that this wasn't going to work, but unfortunately, Ruby used a four-syllable word, and Amber didn't listen... So here we are. Ruby isn't great at communication, so she's using a blunt instrument to make herself clear. Harsh, and frankly childish, but not unexpected; Dillon for one knew that this arrangement had problems when he suggested it. As he did pass the idea on, though, yep, I guess it's up to him to try and fix things.

And I hope that when he does, Ruby's response is neither "Screw you" nor "Oh woe I'm a terrible person". A story where Dillon (of all people) has to negotiate the complexities of this train wreck should be quite entertaining.
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Re: 23-10-15 No compliment

Post by Cortez » Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:41 am

JoybuzzerX wrote:
Her reaction and attitude...well...bitch to her sister at the v

Calling her a bitch is pretty sexist, especially since it's a big exaggeration.
KittyHat wrote:[

Okay, I said I wasn't interested in arguing anymore, and I'm still not, but let me just be clear about one thing: I have exactly zero interest in what others did. Ruby is responsible for Ruby's actions. You can't control what others will or won't do, but you can control what you do. My judgment of Ruby is based entirely on her own actions because that's what she controls.

Based entirely on her own actions, I find her behavior extremely inappropriate, and I don't feel that her circumstances mitigate that meaningfully. And don't even try to talk to me about difficult childhoods as an excuse because Ruby seriously has nothing on me there.

Just so we're clear.
Your childhood is not relevant to this discussion, so i fail to see why you'd bring it up.

On the other hand, what other characters did in the comic is relevant. Especially the fact that Amber put so much pressure on Rubi with having to keep this secret.

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Re: 23-10-15 No compliment

Post by TheEighth » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:38 am

Gauging what she wants to say aside, Ruby's is a personal assistant. She's paid to assist Dillon and Amber and that is what she does. Whatever she does on her own is her business.

Ruby didn't have to compliment Dillon, she chose to. What she says and how she says it, is completely up to her. If she wants to pay Amber a compliment, that's fine. If she doesn't, then that's fine too, because it's not her job to compliment her sister, it's her job to assist her employers. So long as Ruby does her job, Amber has no right to complain about what else Ruby does.

Granted, she might feel a bit upset over the resistance, considering that she hired Ruby in hopes of building up a sisterly relationship with her. And while it's never too late to do that, Amber's naive if she thinks getting there is going to be easy for her. You spent most of your teenage years shutting Ruby out so, so even in this situation, opening the doors for Ruby might not be enough to get her to come in.

You may be Ruby's employer right now Amber, but you're going to have to put in your share of work if you want a real relationship with your sister.
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Re: 23-10-15 No compliment

Post by Collarnorcrown » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:26 am

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