06-10-15 Celebrating with a friend

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Re: 06-10-15 Celebrating with a friend

Post by Spidrift » Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:24 pm

Don Alexander wrote:
Spidrift wrote:Oh yes, and the other other thing here; Ruby in that plain dress. Ye gods, she can rock the understated and respectable look.
Ye gods, what are you a fan boy!
A bit. But mostly, I'm old and jaded enough to be able to appreciate understated. And honestly, I think that Ruby has been drawn quite cleverly so that the less "glamorous" she looks, the better she looks. I fanboy far less over her in that dress than Amber pushed at her for the first date.

(What's the betting that she bought this dress with an advance on her first month's salary?)
Don Alexander wrote:Anyway, getting a slightly dangerous vibe off Andy here. Iirc, he and Ruby are in no form or fashion a couple, they're not even dating. Andy here thinks it's a first date, and Ruby denies it immediately. THEN in panel 3 Andy pretty much establishes himself as Ruby's boyfriend? WHAT? :-\

Let's see if he really is so stupid he's harmless.
He is being weird there, but I really do read him as more stupid (and romantic) than scary. He seems to see himself as a character out of an Archie comic or something. It seemed like their kiss was his first as well as Ruby's, and the same thus probably goes for this relationship. He may well really think that this is an appropriate and romantic way to ask a girl to become his girlfriend - complete with offers to do anything for her.

Equally, he seemed genuinely relieved to discover that he wasn't expected to do more than kiss Ruby, that first time, which fits the idea that he's really very innocent, in every way. That makes him seem fairly safe, assuming that he doesn't suddenly go dangerously possessive or something. Mostly, I think he's been set up to suit Ruby rather well; she can keep him at a safe distance until and unless she decides that she's more than a voyeur, and then set the pace. He certainly doesn't threaten her nerdish tendency to assume that she's usually the smartest person in the room.
Don Alexander wrote:His face in the last panel is hilarious, though. As if he had just awoken and found himself in this position, with no time passing between his affirmation he's do anything for Ruby and holding an adoring Dillon.
Maybe Ruby dropped a fork?

Like I said before, this sequence is really Ruby's revenge for all those people bouncing her into stuff about which she was uncertain. She can play that game too...
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