Pixie Trix you should consider going to Yaoi-Con one day!!

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Pixie Trix you should consider going to Yaoi-Con one day!!

Post by RangikuSoiFon » Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:54 am

Yaoi-Con is one of the bestest adult conventions to sell Sticky Dilly Bun comics! And I'm sure Dillion and Ruby would LOOOOVE to attend there!!!!! WHY NOT?!?! It's a PERFECT con to sell SDB!!!! And not just SDB, but Ménage à 3  comics as well!!!!! Yes, Yaoi-Con supports lesbians too! Not to mention they literally had a Naruto-style lesbian wedding there back in 2007!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5A5-PL5d_dc

We had plenty of guest that came to Yaoi-con!!!

Japanese guest:
Youka Nitta
You Higuri
Kazuma Kodaka
Asia Watanabe
Amano Yamane
Hinako Tanaka
Ryotaru Okiayu
Kuichi Hidenobu
Kano Miyamoto
Nase Yamato
Toko Kawai
Makoto Tateno
and Reika!!!!

Zii would TOTALLY fall for Reika!!!!! :p

And ALSO we even had awesome non-Japanese guest selling their comics at Yaoi-Con too!

Non-Japanese guests:

So yes Pixie Trix crew!!!! Please consider going to Yaoi-Con one day!!!!!! Pretty sure Ruby would love to go!!!! I can so imagine Ruby helping Dillion buying some sexy guys at the Bishounen auction for one night!!!!! LOL!!! :))

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