26-08-14 They lied

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Re: 26-08-14 They lied

Post by Don Alexander » Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:21 pm

Hm, interesting thread. Quite a few ideas here that never crossed my mind.

I guess there is a conservation law: "Stupidity + Vileness = Constant." Dillon just shifted quite a bit of "Vileness" over to "Stupidity"...
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Re: 26-08-14 They lied

Post by Spidrift » Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:57 pm

FlashD81 wrote:My view is that while I don't like seeing Ruby teased too much, she needs to see that her sexual drive is not evil, and it can be healthy.
Actually, she doesn't see it as evil. If she had really serious religious fixations, or really bad psychological issues, so she actually thought that - well, she'd be a lot harder to help, and it really wouldn't be terribly funny. As it is, she mostly tries to pretend that they don't exist at all, and when she does have to admit the truth, she'll probably mostly regard the situation as inconvenient, and maybe be a bit annoyed to give Dillon and Amber the satisfaction of being right. Some initial shocks aside, she doesn't think that those two are especially bad people, or find them very scary; she just thinks that they're twits.

(Well, she has some issues with Amber - but that's about her deceiving their parents, not about the sex as such.)

Which makes the comedy easier, but has the slight drawback of making Ruby's denial look amazingly stupid. She's not fighting against any big emotional issues, she's just refusing to admit something pretty harmless that's blatantly obvious to the readers.
FlashD81 wrote:There are better ways to get her to see that but would they be as funny?
Honestly, it's hard not to make anything faintly realistic about sex funny - especially with someone's first fumbling attempts. And Ruby seems to be stuck with Andy as a first boyfriend, who seems to be as inexperienced as her and far less intelligent. Dragging Ruby through a series of painful added embarrassments for the sake of comedy may be trying too hard.
FlashD81 wrote:Then there is Dillon, :ymsigh: he helped perpetuate the stereotype that blonds are dumb.
Yeah... Imagine that Dillon was an equally attractive blonde woman, and imagine that she said that she'd seduced twenty-seven guys, all of whom subsequently complimented her on her kissing technique and then said that they already had girlfriends.

I don't think anyone would have much doubt what had happened; we'd all be rolling our eyes and yelling "Dilla, you're a vacuous gullible bimbo" at the screen (and possibly complaining about Giz perpetuating stereotypes about blondes). It's only Dillon being a gay male that confuses the issue.
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