07-01-13 Awesome leading man

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07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Giz »

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Azrael »

HUZZAH! :ymparty:
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by philippos42 »

Wow, you're spreading yourself and Shouri thin now.
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by LadyObvious23 »

XD Yay. Now Dillon gets more characterization. X3 probably. maybe. X3
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Artemisia »

And the GiDaCaTS Universe continues to grow and expand :)

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Spidrift »

"Firefox can't find the server at http://www.stickydillybuns.com".

Edit: Okay, it's working now. Evidently the URL registration has propagated to more servers.

Anyway, the comic... Well, I'll wait and see about this one. Dillon isn't my favourite Ma3 cast member (tiresome idiot drama queen that he is), and the title is a bit wince-inducing. I was expecting, maybe, something about Sandra's modelling career in the new mystery strip, and I'd probably have been happier with that. But don't mind me, I'm just a cranky old straight male. I'll stick with it for a while, anyhow.
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Salty »

Sahvah not found.

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Kradeiz »

Anyone else see Dillon in the lst panel and think 'Nina'?

Kinda curious what we'll see for new characters.
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Don Alexander »

So, this is the big mystery surprise strip.

About Dillon.

The character I hate most in Ma3.

Color me :| .

EDIT: Now that I have survived the shock... :P

So, that's the director of the play that Dillon and others were in what was it called, Gotham Sirens or so? I'm actually assuming this is NOT a porn movie, since amber wanted out of that business - and Dillon actually doesn't feel like a porny guy to me, he is too romantic.

Finally, this probably means we get to see Nathan again.

Since the webpage is still building up, I'll not yet complain about the lack of keywords. :P
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Radbaron »

It's definitely NOT porn, as we get our "panty shot" from Amber as she falls...

and she's WEARING panties :p
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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by someone »

Ron Perlman wrote:Dilly... Dilly never changes.

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Gil Hamilton »

Another strip? You guys are having trouble updating the strips you have on time and making it star Dillon of all characters? Huh.

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by Giz »

Shou and I are sometimes an hour or two late but for us, this is no worse than when we were updating Ma3, EC and MC at the same time. We no longer work on MC, soooo, that leaves us a bit of wriggle room. This will actually be easier than when we were working on MC. Things might get tight if I have to do more Archie work, but we'll take that day by day.

The reason we chose Dillon to do this new strip is 'cause it's different & fresh to us. Nothing more. :)

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by FrostDancer81 »

Eh, I'll play the waiting game on this new strip. Not the biggest Dillon fan around, so I'll wait and see what happens.

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Re: 07-01-13 Awesome leading man

Post by BlairFan »

Well, this is a surprise. I like how Dillon is "gay" in both senses of the word. And Amber's lack of arrogance and ego is charming.

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