Chibi Suki

Meet 5 hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit...and the wacky crew of monster hunters out to get them!

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Re: Chibi Suki

Post by GethN7 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:08 am

Gotoh wrote:
GethN7 wrote:Second, Heather was fully aware of the crap she did and was drunk on her power, though admittedly she mellowed slightly, at least to the point she wasn't an active asshole anymore (no worse than the rest at least).
Who said anything about Heather? Varanus and I were talking about Suki. :-\
GethN7 wrote:1. Lori (has a very good idea what is reasonable limits to avoid causing problems, lost her shit when those admittedly fairly sane limits to avoid persecution were violated, and tried to keep her vamp coven in line).
Lori's morals were no better than Heather's. She cared about her coven, but that was as far as her concern seemed to go, until the final volume.
GethN7 wrote:That stated, Suki comes out as more likable regardless because, to be frank, she wasn't as arrogant about her bloodsucker status nor abused it's power to the conscious detriment of others without regard for their feelings, at least from what we've seen.
Tell that to the BH football team, 'cuz that was Suki's idea and, yes, she knew exactly what she was doing and the effect it was going to have on them when they woke up. Which is why she said said they'd the team would take it to their graves.

Plus, she helped drain the opposing team's players afterward. I'll leave it at that, since that was in the beginning of the comic. I agree that she's a mostly likeable character (I even said that in the post that you quoted), but she's had her low points.
Pretty fair rebuttals to all the above, can't really argue on any of those.