Meet 5 hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit...and the wacky crew of monster hunters out to get them!

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Catch all thread for posting Vampire Cheerleaders/Paranormal Mystery Squad/Aoi House fan fiction or fan art. Text or links, whichever is easiest for you.

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Whenever I do a project I like to make a banner that I consider a title of sorts. I don't actually know why I do it but I just do it before I start the project. I guess it "Sets the mood" of the story I am writing or whatever. Anyways while I am editing the chapters I have already done, I suppose I should put the banner here. I am not sure if this is considered fan art or not and please tell me if it isn't.

EDIT: I just added Chapter 1 of my fic. I usually don't have a set length for chapters so what you see now won't be the universal length.

Chapter 1 Added


“You know, I always thought I was going to go places,”

A young man was sitting on a chair in an apartment room. He wore a long cloak with arm sleeves and a hood. The cloak was covered in shining diamonds forming various symbols from many different cultures, “My mother always gave me praises when I got up in the morning. Hell, there was even time when I had one of the hottest girls in the school I went to. It’s funny how things change, you know? Hey, are you even listening to me?”

Beside the young man, the corpse of a pizza delivery man around the same age was laying next to him. The corpse was fairly new with two bite marks on the side of the man’s neck. The young man looked at the corpse lying next to him and laughed.

“Oh that’s right, you’re dead. Well, that’s what you get for being 30 minutes late.”

The young man got up from the couch and began to walk towards the exit of the apartment room. Suddenly, his gaze became fixed on an advertisement on the pizza box that lay next to the couch. The advertisement was describing the exploits of a cheerleading squad from a High School known as “Bakertown”, while showing a picture of the cheerleaders. The young man continuously stared at one of the cheerleaders in the picture; a young Asian girl to the far left of the group.

“They’re even on a pizza box? Man, they sure are popular.”

The young man began to give a huge smile as fangs protruded from his teeth.

“It’s almost time; it’ll be good to see my old school again and get some good old fashioned revenge too.”

The young man looked back at the picture, once again eying the young Asian girl in the picture.

“I’m coming for you, Suki Taft.”

Chapter 1: Introductions

“Oh for Pete’s sake, I am so bored! Can we do something please?”

Vampire Cheerleader Suki Taft was sitting with the A-Squad at “Bert’s Diner”, a gathering spot for a lot of young High-School students. Four of the girls were discussing certain topics of the day, while Suki sat and waited, not wanting to participate in what she considered “boring gossip”.

“We are doing something Suki. It’s not our fault that you have to be the non-conformist of the group.”

The response came from Zoe Weller, Co-Captain of the A-Squad.

“Why would anybody want to do that, all you are doing is having a stupid conversation about the stupid things that stupid people do, which is stupid! No logical human being would do something as stupid as this stupidity.” Suki dropped her head onto the wooden table in distaste, making a loud banging sound as it made impact.

“Hmm, logical? Human Being? It’s really funny because you’re neither of those.” Zoe chuckled under her breathe as Suki’s angry glare made contact with her.

“Hey! I am more logical than you, you idiot.” Suki’s rage emitted from her body like a fiery energy, while Zoe remained unfazed.

“If pigs could fly, then you would be logical. That or you just had one too many Red Bulls and were starting to hallucinate. Either way, the odds are not in your favor.”

“My goodness you two are unbelievable. One day where you two aren’t mauling each other like drunken frat boys and I will celebrate for the next 20 years.”

Captain of the A-Squad, Lori Thurston, began to chime in her two cents on the issue.

“Oh just leave those two be, it’s best for them to blow off steam anyways. Who knows, maybe they will get tired.”

Lesley Chandra, Treasurer of A-Squad, began patting Lori on the back as Lori sighed in dismay at the sight before her.

“Lord, watching these two is like watching re-runs of The Real Housewives of Iowa.”

Suki and Zoe stopped arguing and gave Lori fearful reactions to her words.

“Jeez Lori… don’t even joke about that.” Zoe sat down quietly.

“Yeah Lori… that was a terrible show.” Suki sat down, staring at the table, as if reflecting on her actions, or choice of television shows. Lori’s head crashed against her palm as Lesley began to whisper to her.

“Look on the bright side; at least you diffused the situation.”

Almost as soon as Lori’s heart began to feel a surge of assurance and hope for the future, Suki regained her senses and began to speak.

“I mean honestly, Housewives of Forks is the only really good one in the Housewives series.”

Almost immediately after her comment, Zoe stood right back up in front, as if ready to defend the very meaning of her existence.

“Hell no! Housewives of Forks is definitely not as good as Housewives of Rhode Island!”

“Are you kidding me? That is a load of crap!” Suki fired back a volley of insults to compliment her rebuttal.

“What did you say?” The two began to exchange glares once again.

“Diffused the situation my ass.” Lori lowered her head in shame.

“B-but I kind of liked Housewives of Iowa.”

The response came from Heather Hartley, a member of A-Squad and their newest recruit. She had recently wound up in some trouble revolving around sucking the blood of the entire football team. Thankfully the situation was avoided by the A-Squad, even if they didn’t win the match.

“Really!? Are you okay in the head?” Suki directed her attention towards Heather.

As the two began to calm down, Lori began praying to every deity of every culture she could think of for the blessing.

“So, wait, why is there no school today?” Bakertown had the entire week off; needless to say, Heather didn’t exactly pay attention to announcements like that.

“Either some stupid guy died, we are celebrating the life of some old fart who lived over a hundred years, or we just have some old tradition that nobody celebrates anymore but schools are compelled to have the off anyways.”

Heather’s face was of understanding towards Zoe’s compelling argument.

“Hey thrall, get me another drink!” Suki raised an empty glass while a young boy jump from the ground, grabbed it, and ran off. Ever since falling prey to Plan BC, Leonard had become a servant to the A-Squad. Doing almost anything they bid him to.

“So I think we should talk about our plans for the National Championship. Like, there is going to be a lot of competition there.” The entire A-Squad lowered their heads in dismay at Zoe’s words.

“We are going to have to come up with something really fantastic if we are going to win that championship.” The realization struck Lori like lightning.

“Who cares, that’s like, months away. We can worry about that later.” Suki was adamant in her procrastination over the whole event.

“It’s five weeks away smart ass.” Zoe shook her head in disgust at Suki’s words.

“Same thing!” Lori began banging her head against the table at Suki’s informative answer.

“In any case, the sun’s going down and we should get going. We have cheer practice tomorrow, despite the week off, so we can come up with a plan there.”

The group began to leave the building at Lori’s proclamation almost immediately as Leonard showed up with Suki’s drink.

“You’re off for the rest of the day thrall, but make sure to show up early in the morning.”

“Yes! Thank you Lady Suki!” Leonard bowed and walked away.
Leonard began walking towards his house in the dead of night. The sky had closed its eyes to the public of the Northern Hemisphere and all that remained was the darkness of night time. As Leonard was walking, he could hear faint taps echoing behind him. As the echoes became louder, Leonard began to step up his pace. No matter, what he did however, the sounds would not go away, and were constantly matching his speed.

It did not take long before Leonard began running as fast as he can. He immediately started taking the scenic route, making quick turns that he felt would throw the echoes off track. This turned out to no avail as the echoes got louder and louder. Leonard darted towards the left, accidentally ending up in an alley way with no exit. He was trapped.

Before he could turn around and run out, a man rushed over to him and grabbed him by his shirt, shoving him against the wall. The man had fangs and was wearing a vibrantly decorated cloak. Leonard’s fearful eyes made contact with the man’s beat red pupils as the man began to speak.

“Hello Leonard. I am Dante and I require your assistance.”
Thereupon he rose, beyond the pillars of Hercules.
The monstrosity erupted from Poseidon's grasp and held the fiery beacon.
Through pain a torture, the colossus lit the way for the weary travelers.
Beckoning their stay upon the shores of Rhodes, giving peace to those who suffer.

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Adam Arnold wrote:Catch all thread for posting Vampire Cheerleaders/Paranormal Mystery Squad/Aoi House fan fiction or fan art. Text or links, whichever is easiest for you.
This thread needs to be stickied yeah.

So please do that hmmm?

Stick this thread so that it always shows up in the top(parts) of the forum.

Oh, and here is a short one-shot fic... hope you like.^_^

Disclaimer at the bottom to avoid giving away the crossover before you've read the fic.

A Once and Future Lori


Nightgazer Starlight

Lori was in her house in the attic. She was looking in an old trunk at a set of... armor and a sword?!

"Heh," she said. "This brings back memories. I wonder what the others would think of if they knew how old I really was? Hahaha! They'd probably freak out. Especially Heather. And if they knew who I really was... Well, we'd see if vampires could die from heart attacks... because they'd sure be having some."

She looked at the armor again remembering a time long ago.

"I wonder if it's time for me to contact you?" she wondered reaching out and caressing the armor. "Has enough time gone by? Would you even want anything to do with the person I am now? I'm not like I used to be. Not like I was when we fought side by side for our very lives. I've changed. I've changed a lot."

She pulled her hand back.

"No." she mummered. "I can't risk it. If I try to contact you and I am still there... Ah, time travel... you are such an annoying thing. I can't risk interrupting events until they have played out."

"And..." she mummered sadly now. "I am afraid. Will you turn me away with disgust once you have learned I am a vampire, and what I am like now?"

She turned her head, and spotted a picture on a shelf.

Reaching over she wiped off the glass covering the picture and said "I can't believe this went back with me when I returned to my own time. I'm glad the magic I had my old friend do preserved it. I wouldn't want to loose something this precious and full of such good memories, ever."

She continued to gaze at the picture for a long time, lost in her memories.

Then she heard the old grandfather clock chiming downstairs.

She turned her head away from the picture and closed the trunk.

"Time to put these aside for the time being." she said. "I don't have time to stand around feeling sorry for myself. We've got practice later today and I can't afford to be late!"

She quickly went out the door to get ready for practice.

The sun shone through the window onto the picture of a couple of people. A red-haired Japanese teenage boy. And a blonde-haired Caucasian girl. They were standing to next each other with happy smiles on their faces. The two of them looked like the happiest people in the world.

On the back of the picture were written the words 'Emiya and Saber... together forever'.

Disclaimer : "Here Disclaimer!" *Whistles* "C'mon boy!" *Claps hands now* "Come here Disclaimer!"

Disclaimer : Vampire Cheerleaders belongs to Adam Arnold. Fate Stay/night belongs to Type-Moon. I do not own either of them.


My fanfics can be found right here.

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hm after seeing the ending (STAIRS AT WALL FOR EFFECT). I think I will try to write a fanfic once.

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Adam Arnold wrote:Catch all thread for posting Vampire Cheerleaders/Paranormal Mystery Squad/Aoi House fan fiction or fan art. Text or links, whichever is easiest for you.
Can we also do fanfictions of Frankenbitches?