South American Earthquake

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Re: South American Earthquake

Post by JVDifferent »

Nah, the biggest tsunami that hit the shores here was apparently about 10cms tops. So, somewhere out there, a midget might have gotten splashed when they didn't expect it.

Good to hear that everyone here is safe.
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Re: South American Earthquake

Post by Otaku201 »

Just woke up to this message from the attractive blonde in Hawaii.

"No fun waking up to a roaring- Screaming siren at 6am, Hawaii telling you to evacuate, but evacuate to where? Telling you "Don't Panic, we don't know whats happening, BUT don't panic" ..... 8hours of anti-climactic stress, fear, nervousness with a huge "block party" up in the mountains. For my Fellow Chicagoians, I am ...okay, Safe, and thank you to everybody who was concerned and making sure I was okay. Love you guys"

Phew! That would have been a crappy way to go.

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Re: South American Earthquake

Post by Don Alexander »

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Re: South American Earthquake

Post by mac2 »

At least your priorities are in order. :))

I watched the live news coverage from Hawaii. It was sort of...anticlimactic.
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