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Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:55 am
by Fen
Did anyone notice that there is not a special thread for webcomics here?
I just did. Made one. Will make a relevant post after nap time though.

Until then, Tell me of awesome comics that I have not read!

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:04 am
by Tenjen
Heres a few i follow : D

Gastro Phobia - mother and son! Both barbarians trying to make a living in a tough world..well..trying at least..

by David McGuire

more stuff by him


Concerned A half life 2 based comic about Gordon Frohman. You heard me, F.R.O.H.M.A.N. Watch as he preludes all of Freemans steps! Leading to many a familiar scenario and event if you've played half life 2. And even then its hilarious.

by Christopher C. Livingston


Gunnerkrigg Court About a girl called Annie, her friends and all those around them in Gunnerkrigg Court, an on campus school which actually looks like theres more to it...and there is.

by Tom Siddel


Doctor McNinja He's a Doctor! Born to a family of ruthless ninja's! From ireland! See his bizzare adventures and inner turmoil as he heals the ill and slaughters the healthy with the same hands!

by Chris Hastings [inked by Kent Archer [my god what a NAME! I want it!] ]


Girly! - The story of a lonely gal who finds love and adventure as the side kick of the eccentric Winter

by Josh Lesnick.


Las Lindas - A world of humans and Primes, anthropomorphic beings who live together on Neo Earth. But we're only concerned about a small corner of neo earth, a farm called Las Lindas and those who come to live there and be family.

By Chalo [artist and head], soulkat and ID_fox [writers] [screw real names]


Venus Envy Trials and tribulations of a medically transexual boy who attempts to match her body to what his mind as been since birth and live live and get through school.

By Erin Lindsey


Daisy is Dead Daisy begins to experience adventure and truly begins to live life! after she dies...

By Lindsay Smith


Dresdon Codak Theres more to life than just whats at face value. Let us go deeper and discover the gears and cogs of existance as only our limited minds can! And let reality unravel at the prospects of doing so!

By Aeron Diaz


Anders Loves Maria - Of two people, the lives who revolve around them and who they revolve around right back in return.

by Rene Engstrom


Kate Beaton! Wielding her pen with a natural flare!

by...oh hell you know.


Pawn An explorer and the demoness she seeks to master! But the cave she's assigned to guard has other plans...

by Fredrik Andersson


Dawn of Time by Michael Stearns!

The mighty reptillian fish crawls onto the land! taking its first deep breaths after millenia of evolution! Too bad it meets its quick end many a time thanks to it being a bit late in race. Theres dino's! and brainless cavewomen! and time travelers from the industrial age!


Red string by Gina Biggs

Ah the drama of youth in Japan! Love, friends, parents, rivalry, deception, people old and new, loss, new found hope and the coming of age. And the fight for ones own path in life and the conflict that follows.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:13 am
by Ravenhull
Damn, Tenjen makes me feel inadequate in my level of info... :))

Read pretty damn as soon as they post:
The trifecta here...
Girl Genius
Irregular Webcomic

Pretty much as soon as I get a chance:
Flaky Pastry
Sluggy Freelance
Girls with Slingshots
Looking for Group

Catch up with at least once a week:
Daily Quests
(Can't remember the title, but got it booked marked and it's where I got the Anti Sparkly Assed Vampire stuff)

Occasionally get around to them:

In addition, a couple of print comics when they come out:
PS238 (You can read it online, but it's far behind where the print version is.)

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:49 am
by Kamino Neko
Fark. I had a long post recommending specific updates to read, but accidentally closed the tab. So...Oglaf. That's the archive page, as posting the first strip would be blatantly NSFW, and posting the warning page would drop you right into an update that would make no sense without reading earlier ones. Not that the archive is entirely SFW, but you need to scroll down, or look closely to see the NSFW aspects. <_<

(I will list one specific story, actually...Snow Queen is totally my favourite.)

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:53 am
by Kamino Neko
Teacher wrote:@KN: :-bd Oglaf is fun and that story is one of the best :ymdevil:
Yeth, it ith. >_>

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:22 am
by Fen
I'll start with comics on hiatus/finished:P.
Recently came across Loserzand went through the whole archive. love the characters <3. On a totally different hand but with a similar name is sexylosers. It is a sick, sick, comic and I feel guilty for laughing every single time. Then again, I am a sick, sick person.
One that I followed until it died was A modest Destiny. Man I loved that comic. Fantasy themed and pixel-shaped.
This one only lasted a few weeks but I LOVED it to death. So cynical <3. Surely functional.
masago Isn't really my type but i loved reading it. The author posted a couple of comics recently, but I'm not sure when it will actually be back. if it will be back.
And one that you may know, Queen of Wands. Kestrel from QoW later moved onto Something positive.
Oh and of course Rip and Teri, by T Campbell and Cool Cat Studio by T&Gisele:P.
Which brings us to ones that I follow regularly.
Of course, Ma3:P. And penny and Aggie. And School Bites.
Punch and pie is a comic that follows Angela from QoW a fe wyears after that comic ended. Very likeable characters and very real <3. Love it for showing bisexual people in such a realistic light.
I think everyone knows Something positive and I also follow the rarely updated spinoffs. My favourite is Super Stupor
Oh and I love love LOVE Girls with Slingshots.
MegaTokyo was my first manga <3 Though tbh lately I follow it out of habit. The story's getting a bit too complicated for my taste.
CAD, I think, is too well known to talk about here:P. Same for Least I could do and Questionable Content
Sheldon is a bit more Slice of life family friendly than what I usually prefer, but I like following it for the random rants and awesome animal characters. Flaco is love!
Little Gamers, PvPand Penny Arcade are popular and I've been following them for years but tbh I actually took a break at some point and sometimes skip comics because they insist on mixing the newsposts with the comics and that kind of pisses me off(or their rss feed was broken and i realised too late).
Phoenix Requiem is absolutely GORGEOUS. Nice victorian fantasy story too, but the ART. OMG THE ART!The Dreamer ain't that absolutely gorgeous, but also pretty art and a nice historical story.
SMBCis made of awesome.
Cheer up Emo kid is REALLY not my style, as I don't usually like LQ drawing. Nothing more of a turnoff for me(which is why I don't follow cyanide and happiness and xkcd. Actually wait, I don't follow them because they are NOT. FUNNY)
EQ has a nice vibe to it. A bit strange, but very enjoyable and the art is oldschool without being hard on the eyes.
Though I'm not a big fan of history, Goodbye Chains won me over with excellent story telling, good art and the historical notes:P.
A softer world is not technically a webcomic but i love it to bits anyway.
My inner girly loves Kawaii not.
nerdy as hell, which it had more updates, the noob.
This is the only Romanian webcomic I know,Fredo and pidjin. Nice humour over there, might want to check it out.
I would love to befriend and go to marches with the guy from Subnormality.
Amazing Super powers is just sick:P. In the made of awesome way.
Recently stumbled on Goblinsthanks to DnE. LOVELY story.
...I am not really sure why I read Pajama Forest.
Also, not sure why I keep going with CRFH. It's actually a nice read but at one point it starts taking itself too seriously. This after you spend the first 2 years of archive cringing at the art.
Recently stumbled upon and reading the archives of No Reason, Calamities of Nature, Dueling Analogs, Biff, Shortpacked, Gunnerkrigg, hark, a vagrant! and Woody after hours.

Also started recently on Three PanelSoul and loving it!
and I don't really follow it but Overcomensatingis close to my heart. Mainly because it's the author that did wigu and i loved wigu, silly as it was. And now that I was looking for the url I noticed that wigu is updating again OMG.

Now, i have some issues with a few comics. i like them, I really do, but for some reason i never finished the archive and never started following them. These are Mac Hall and Scary go Round.
On that hand, I hate Dinosaur comics and white ninja and refuse to link to them. The madness must end!

Fairly sure I read more than I talked about here, but since some comics decide to be asshats and not have a functional rss feed that puts them on my hatebook =(.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:10 am
by Bear
Pretty much the only other webcomics I read on a regular basis are Two-lumps, Sequential Art and Questionable Content.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:07 pm
by Tenjen
hark a vagrant is kate beatons stuff : D

what do you think of gunnerkrigg court? its one of my top favourites.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:09 pm
by Fen
Haven't read much of it(i've only gotten past the science fair). Looks good. I really like the story so far, though the character designs are really annoying >.<

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:16 pm
by Ravenhull
It's kinda funny that of all the webcomics on my list, one is blocked from work. Girls with Slingshots. Ma3 is no problem. #-o On the other hand, I can read SB, but can't go to the Broadsword Comics page. 8-|

Oh, and the one who's title I couldn't remember earlier, Complex Actions.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:58 pm
by zgwortz
My current regular comics:

Errant Story. Nice ongoing fantasy story by Michael Poe, mostly drama with some comedy, I've been reading since the beginning because I used to read Poe's earlier webcomic, Exploitation Now (which was mostly one shot sexy comedy - now ended, however).

Shortpacked is a comedy webcomic by David Willis following employees who work at a toy store (called Shortpacked, but much like a Toys R' Us), and lampooning toy collectors. It continues a few themes and characters from his earlier comic, It's Walky, which was a comedy-drama around an organization of somewhat mutated people fighting against mostly inept alien menaces. (It, in turn, was a continuation of a still earlier comic, Roomies, and there's a sequel comic to It's Walky called Joyce and Walky which I used to follow and need to again - it's partly subscription based, but there's a weekly free strip.) I was a big fan of It's Walky and it was the first and only other webcomics forum I ever participated in. (The "DOM" acronym was started there by a guy named Animal - and he liked living the Dirty Old Man role as much as I do -- he's my age, too, I believe. He'd fit in here really well. :D He also had another acronym: DOMit - for the younger guys in the forum who were Dirty Old Men in training -- we've got quite a few DOMits here... :ymdevil: )

Evil, Inc. by Brad Guigar. Sexy comedy comic about a company that caters to super-villains. I also like his weekly comic Courting Disaster which is a one-panel series of comedic one-shots about dating.

...and the three Pixie Trix Comix. :D I used to read a lot more but they've fallen by the wayside of late. I need to add XKCD back to the daily schedule, though...

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:04 pm
by Sideb(.)(.)bPlatypus
I've been reading Sinfest for ages, and just finished catching up with Least I Could Do :p

Bwahahaha, Kate Beaton :))

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:19 am
by Azrael
Hmmm...a lot of the ones I read have been metioned,but:

If you liked MT you may like Applegeeks

Just found Supernormal Step here recently, it's fairly new but looks pretty good so far.

Erfworld is a normal guy sucked into a fantasy realm story, it's been fairly entertaining.

Flipside, the adventures of a nymphomaniacal jester girl and her swordswoman friend and lover.

Wayfarer's Moon a classic fantasy, very lovely artwork, and a interesting tale.

Alpha-Shade, I think this would qualify as a "steampunk" story, kind of a weird mix just post World War I tech and magic fantasy. Rifles tanks, air floating battleships and wyvern riders, that sort of thing. Another with lovely art, kind of slow to update though.

And for the Lovecraft fans, you may want to check out Shadowgirls. I'd call it a melange of Lovecraft, Authurian legend, and The Gilmore Girls.

That's what I have for now, may post more when I get my own comp fixed.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:37 am
by Dirty n Evil
Glad you enjoy Goblins, Fen. :) It is actually deep on many levels for a comic that playfully nods that it was inspired by roleplay gaming.

Now, I was first a fan of Gisele by reading Penny and Aggie. I still follow it, and find it slightly humorous that it's now being drawn by Jason Waltrip. I remember Mr. Waltrip from my early 20's as the artist of a cheesily done comic book called Metal Bikini. (I might even have a copy lurking in my comic book boxes... maybe.) But from Penny and Aggie I started reading Cool Cat Studios and of course... Ma3! I'm also having a lot of fun with the misadventures in Eerie Cuties since it started up. Since she joined the Pixie Trix family, I've also been reading the lovely Holly G's School Bites.

If you like a really good story to go with your webcomic, I recommend the completed Hereville (How Mirka Got Her Sword). It's not your traditional comic, but it's got such a wonderful story behind it. I only wish there were more to read about Mirka.

For pure humorous reasons? I read Balls 2 That. Lots of one-shot, quick little jokes from a pretty good artist. PvP is pretty steady, and that always encourages a fan to keep up with a webcomic. Penny Arcade has just so many jokes that apply to my guy friendships and has perhaps my favorite joke about the "backroom" of any retail store ever.

Back in the day, I used to be a major chat room roleplayer on AOL. I was introduced to Elf Only Inn and found a webcomic that completely and perfectly summed up life of online RPing. I read this webcomic and kept chuckling as I said out loud, "hey, I knew someone who did that!"

But the first webcomic I ever read was Megatokyo. I even own one of their Rent-a-zilla t-shirts. :) However, it has been slower and slower to update in the last several years. Combined with the confusing storylines and increasing difficulty telling the female characters apart, now I just check it out every other week and hope I remember what's happening.

There used to be something that Megatokyo used to do in its forum that I enjoyed a great deal was what they called "rescripts". Rescripts were where you would take the most recently posted comic, erase the existing lines, and try and write funny new lines that still work with the pictures. Sadly, there grew to be too much criticism of rescripts and I decided I would no long participate in them. However, I did save my efforts! :) So, for the first time since they were removed from the Megatokyo forum, I've decided to include my rescripts.

"Justin Timberlake"
"Fan Service"
"Rob Schneider"
"Role Play"

Probably helps if you read Megatokyo to understand the context (or the panels they were borrowed from), but they were a very theraputic creative outlet for me as I was still recovering from the breakup with my ex-.

Re: Webcomics.

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:28 am
by 'J'
i am a part of a community called Global Comic Jam. if you are unfamiliar, the concept is that people collaborate on a comic, each writing and drawing one page at a time in a round robin fashion. it is alot of fun. unfortunatley, after a string of major technical failures during a site overhaul, the thing is on an extended hiatus.

however, you can still check it all out here:
including my two favorites, Surface and Fusion Odyssey

some great art was drawn, and some great stories told. gcj will return.