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Forum Rules

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We are awesome. "We" includes you. To help continue your awesome, and therefore our collective awesome, some simple etiquette guidelines and clear forum rules have to be laid out.

  • 1. First and foremost, this is an online community reflecting an R-rated (16+) comic (Menage a 3) and several PG-13-rated comics (Eerie Cuties, Magic Chicks, School Bites, Paranormal Mystery Squad).

    The following applies to Ma3:

    While intended for mature audiences, this is not an adult site, and explicit material beyond what is portrayed in the comic is inappropriate and not acceptable on this forum.

    Images including male and female sexual organs (including pubic hair and visible penetration) are not allowed in any form. Any images of a "Not suitable for work" nature (scantily clad, visible breasts or butt, sexual) must be posted behind a link and labeled clearly (note: images including sexual organs or visible penetration are still not allowed). Examples of appropriate risqué pictures and appropriate posting of them as follows:

    Front View (NSFW) Rear View (NSFW) Sexual (NSFW)

    Note that these images are extremes, and that they reflect the limit of what is considered appropriate to post. Image hosting sites such as TinyPic are good for these kinds of links. Fan Art and pictures of yourself are subject to these rules. If you are not sure whether an image you wish to post is appropriate, please contact one of the Moderators (Don Alexander, or midgetshrimp) via Private message before you post the image.

    For the PG-13 fora, the rules are, obviously, even stricter. Images such as those posted above are not allowed even behind NSFW links, butts and nipples need to be covered at least with a modicum of clothing. We hope you get the point - just think of what Hollywood does and does not show in their PG-13 movies.

    2. Vulgar language should be kept to a minimum. Excessive vulgarity and inflammatory comments (comments purposefully directed to offend, insult, or incite a negative reaction) are inappropriate and unnecessary. This includes attacks on other contributors to the forums. This community is made up of a variety of nations, races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, political views, and sexual orientations. Keep posts civil.

    Hate speech will not be tolerated. Also in light of what has been said above, posts of a racist, antisemitic, homophobic, or transphobic bent will lead to banning. This is also valid for slut-shaming. If you think that people who like to have sex are bad people, why are you even reading a comic such as Ma3?

    "Four-letter words" as well as sexual discussions are allowed on the General Discussion board as well as the Ma3 comic board, in accordance to the 16+ rating, but are highly discouraged on the other boards.

    3. No spamming. This includes advertising, threadjacking, overly long quote trees, double posting, and being a spam bot. While threadjacking will usually result in a reminder to not do so, posts containing quote trees and double posts will be edited to reduce clutter of the web page. There are easy ways to avoid spamming:

    To avoid threadjacking, keep your post relevant to the topic.
    To avoid quote trees, avoid quoting the posts directly above yours. The quote feature should only be used to show a comment not easily found (such as on a previous page). Also, if you are just responding to a specific part of a longer post, remove the unnecessary part of your post.
    To avoid double posting, edit your previous post instead of creating an entirely new post. Real double posts (i.e., two completely identical posts) will be deleted.

    Yes, indeed, we are asking you to invest a little bit of work into your posts. We daresay the reading experience for everyone else will be better for it.

    4. If you have questions or issues regarding forum members, policies, or anything else, please contact one of the Moderators or Administrator via Private Message. The Moderators are Don Alexander, and midgetshrimp. The Administrator is Giz.
Guidelines (more relevant to the General Discussion forum)

The General Discussion forum is meant for topics and conversation not relevant to the web comics. There are numerous topics about hobbies, life, art, music, games, and in-forum contests are held on a monthly basis. Most of the guidelines listed below apply to every forum, but there are some that are relevant to the General Discussion forum only.
  • 1. Before you start posting, stop by the Introduce Yourself topic. We want to get to know you, your interests, your hobbies, and make you feel welcome to our little community.

    2. Don't be afraid to post. We want you to post. It's very likely you'll find numerous people who share your interests.

    3. Look for the appropriate topic to post in. Only create a new topic if none of the existing topics are relevant to your post. If you have a specific topic that you would like to discuss, try to post it in one of the more general threads (ie a conversation about a specific band should be held in the "What Music Are You Listening To" thread). Also, take a look at the Archives/Graveyard forum. If there is an older topic you feel is appropriate to resurrect, contact the Moderators.

    4. Think before you post. Make an effort not to offend.

    5. Please limit the images posted to 10 or less per post. Too many images will severely lengthen loading time for the page. Also, images larger than 640 square pixels should be posted behind a link for the same reason.

    6. Images of insects and arachnids (or similar creatures) should be posted behind a link and labeled clearly. There are quite a few members with phobias concerning these creatures.

    7. Even though a topic is on the second page does not mean that it is dead. There is a lot of traffic coming through the forum and some topics get pushed back.

    8. While relevant conversations in their respective topics are not a problem, try not to clog up the threads. Use the Jabber thread for random, direction-less discussions, and please remember that private conversations should be kept to Private Messages.

    9. The Elder Cave topic in the General Discussion forum was created by the first members of the forum. The thread has its own long history, and is mostly filled with in-jokes and characterizations that a new poster will not understand. It is much more of a freestyle RPG thread than for serious posts. Therefore it is recommended that you refrain from posting in The Elder Cave until you've become a regular visitor and poster to the General Discussion thread to avoid confusion.

Now please, go forth and be awesome.
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Re: Forum Rules

Post by Giz »


If you're interested in joining the forums, please create a new user but also email giselelagace at gmail dot com to let me know you want in. We get too much spam and I can't let this go on auto. So unless I get this email, you won't get activated. Thanks!