09-04-19 Dynamite

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09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by Giz »

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by KaedeKisaragi »


Also, damn, girl abs o.o

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by brasca »

KaedeKisaragi wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:50 am

Also, damn, girl abs o.o
She should’ve use the chain.

And it all comes full circle. I had a feeling it would.

First Dangerously Chloe and now this. As much as I like how things wrapped up I’ve been following this strip from almost the beginning and sad that it won’t be part of my routine now. Thanks to everyone involved and I’ll be sure to read your next strip.

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by OllieOrOlly »

While positions have changed, seems as though a decent sense of unity is used for the final strip; does a nice if slightly expected subversion of the unlocked door gag, too.

Pity we couldn't get a Yuki cameo. I mean, we see the ridiculous spy scenario that Sonya is involved with (that uses Looney Tunes dynamite? Ahaha), so one would hope Yuki - a character with equal if not more importance - could appear. The gay stereotype and a-hole drop on, which is fine because it works for the reversal of the callback joke, however, at risk of repeating myself, a Yuki appearance in some spot would've been nice (hell, even a last second development of her leaving Matt for anyone better).

It is quite interesting to do a direct comparison between the first strip and the last - one can truly appreciate the aesthetic evolution that has taken place. Upon developing over time to the conclusion, the art is aptly stunning and sexy, and somewhat amusing as well.
Gary and Peggy look rather hot together, which probably goes without saying, but the subtle quirks in their expressions and physiques are worth noting nonetheless.

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by Spidrift »

I was going to say -- when the door is shown to have a chain fitted, Peggy should be kicking herself.

Okay, credit where it's due -- this final strip got a couple of things just right:
  • Acknowledgement of the Peggy/Sonya/Bianca question, even implying that Bianca may have warned Sonya not to tell Peggy who she was with. And a final appearance for Sonya, of whom I remain fond.
  • And a callback to the very first strip, quite nicely symmetrical in terms of the characters involved (it had to be Matt and Dillon, come what may) -- and referencing the "doors never locked" running gag while showing that Peggy at least tries to work around that problem.
I'm sure that some people will have somewhat legitimate complaints -- Kiley never getting a last bow, just for a start -- but this amounts to a decent bonus-size, gloriously NSFW final strip.

And ''Pixie Trix Comix'' sounds like a decent concept for a follow-up, with more of Jung (and Ramona) and, one can hope, perhaps of Ruby, and scope for guest appearances.

Now, off to look at the Kickstarter...
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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by otaku247 »

Thanks for a wonderful ride guys, it's been a pleasure supporting the whole Ma3 team over the years and my only regret is I wish that I had been in from the ground up. This update is a great ending to the series and I can't wait for the new follow-on from it.
Thanks also to all you forumites who have enhanced the Ma3 experience, I haven't been the most vocal by any measure but I have certainly enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on all the various themes that have appeared in this series over the years, I've certainly come away thinking differently about things on some occasions and I'm sure it's always been for the better.

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by TheEighth »

*Removes 3-D glasses, tosses away bag of popcorn, empty candy boxes and soda cup*

What a great show
Can't wait to see what's next
It's been real guys

*Gets up, walks out of the theatre*
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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by vampire hunter D »

nice way to end things. Though am sad Kiley never came back.

so, without Pixie Trix to entertain me anymore, now what do I do?
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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by lordoffiling »

Come back Thursday for the new strip? :)
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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by christopheftw »

Well done. Thank you!

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by Devil Girl »

Fabulous! Perfect ending! I'm going to really miss this strip.

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by amikael »

So, it ends perfectly with an end, a rear end.. Fantastic ride. Thanks guys, for all the fun. :)

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by SailorDh »

Looks like the karma bus failed to run over Matt and Zii.

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by Milnoc »


Thanks for the fun, Giz!

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Re: 09-04-19 Dynamite

Post by Bat-dork »

Thanks Giz and Dave for all the years of smiles! I am looking forward to Pixie Trix Comix.

Also, yeah, I wish I had seen at least a bit of Kiley, but that's Ok, given her experiences with DiDi, one can see why she wouldn't want to come back. Who knows? Maybe we'll see her in the next project?

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