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Post by artdjmaster » Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:53 pm

Thank-you very much for releasing Citrus volume one! It's exciting to have an actual copy of a Comic Yuri Hime manga book in English. The characters have yet to grow on me so I'm hoping for more development there in the next 2 volumes. The book is of the highest quality, I love it. The art is probably the most polished I've seen in a English Yuri release, am I correct? Plot-wise and character-wise, it's not to my tastes but b/c of the rarity of such manga, I might just buy the next few volumes so that Seven Seas might one day release another Yuri Hime series. This is my first yuri book and I'll collect anything Ichijinsha in English, either from Comic Zero-Sum or Comic Yuri Hime. I hope Seven Seas has more Yuri/zero sum series planned for the future!

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Re: Citrus

Post by einhorn303 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:44 am

Yeah, I heard some negatives about the plot. I finally bought it last week, though, and I loved it. What a thrilling ride it was! It's a total popcorn book, and that cliff hanger...gah, what'll happen next?! I like to imagine that, through much turmoil, the twin-tailed student council girl will come to realize her romantic feelings for Yuzu (yuri harem formation?).

I think it's also cool how it's a yuri manga that actually references yuri manga within the plot.

Some people might dislike Mei, but I've always loved characters like here (ever since Rei from the original Evangelion).
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