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Advertisements and Updates

Post by Cashmerella » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:23 pm

I sort of had two requests or things to mention I guess, and I couldn't find a place for it other than making a new topic. If there's a place this should be, sorry, I'm new here!

First of all I was going to request that SSP update its manga listings a little more often?? I follow the Kuni no Alice series and buy every single volume but they're listed on the book sites months before they're listed here. Even if you don't have a release date yet, it would be nice if you could put it in the section so I could keep track without scouring the internet? I actually happened upon the information that you had licensed some new ones, and I actually couldn't find the information that they were licensed on this website at all. I just really think this would make it easier to sell your product, especially if you're like me and you plan out which mangas you will buy months in advance so you have enough money set aside for every volume you want. I'm a poor university student and I can't save up for releases if I don't know they exist!

Next, I was actually really bothered by an advertisement in one of the SSP mangas I purchased. It was a manga in the Kuni no Alice series. Now, this series is an otome series; basically a male harem series. So, it's intended for an audience who is interested in males. Also, some of the Alice mangas have a somewhat high rating, and one or two sort of have sex scenes but they don't show like anything, not even breasts, so it's not like it's a hentai. So I honestly think it makes sense for the advertisements in the back to relatively be targeted towards the interests of who you have attracted to buy the volume, or else you're just wasting advertising space most of the time. In this case, that market would generally be girls who are interested in males, and romance stories. But at the back of my manga was not simply an advertistment for a graphic hentai. A simple advertisement, as long as it didn't have really graphic nudity, wouldn't have bothered me. It was an entire chapter preview for said hentai, and while it did not show nudity the content was very, VERY sexual and there was almost-nudity and honestly it made me feel rather uncomfortable. I don't have a problem with graphic yuri at all, but that is not what I purchased nor what I was looking for. Honestly, it wouldn't deter me personally, but honestly you could lose fans over that. I know people who aren't as huge on the mangas you publish as I am, so if they feel uncomfortable and you're not publishing a series they can't live without, they wouldn't buy from you anymore.

Now, I have no idea why this was in the back of my otome manga. I noticed the manga was rated mature because of implied sex and some light dirty talk, though there was no nudity. Perhaps you need to recognize the difference between being a mature series and being a pornographic series, because they are definitely different. Example, you can show something rated R in your local movie theatre-but not porn. R and X are two distinct different ratings. So please in the future, if you feel the need to advertise it tastefully that's fine, but please don't put a long snipet of a pornographic manga in the back of a mature one. You have lots of other great series to advertise as well, some of which would be more suitable for an otome manga's target audience.

And before anyone asks if I just assumed it was pornographic when there wasn't a sex scene, my friend didn't believe me so I looked it up. It is pornographic. When you search something on google now, the first few image results pop up above the text so... unfortunately, I am 100% sure, thanks to google somehow managing to screw me over like it always goes. (I once googled "sombrero" for a Spanish project and one of the first results was an exposed, naked man wearing nothing but a sombrero. I was not impressed. However, this situation leaves me even less impressed as google doesn't choose individual images to feature, while SSP has every option to choose which ads to feature where.)

I'm sorry if I sound really angry or bitter, I'm really not, but I just want to stress that it's important; I don't want my favourite manga publisher to lose a customer over this kind of thing, especially when it's preventable, it's really a shame. D:

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Re: Advertisements and Updates

Post by Adam_Arnold » Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:36 pm

Cashmerella, what manga preview is it that you're referring to? (Or which volume of Alice does this preview appear in?)