Welcome to the Creator's Corner

Are you looking for tips on how to get started as a comic/manga artist? Maybe you're looking for feedback on works you've already created. Then this is the forum for you! (Note: Ported from Gomanga.com)

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Welcome to the Creator's Corner

Post by Adam_Arnold »

*This post is a work in progress.*

Creator's Corner is the place to come and chat about art techniques, get feedback on your drawings & writing and generally better yourself in all you strive to do.

Some things to keep in mind when posting in this section:
* No pornography is allowed.
* Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

To display artwork, you'll need to host the images from your own webspace or from a photo site like PhotoBucket.

This section is NOT for Seven Seas submissions. Seven Seas full submission guidelines can be found at [submissions are closed].

Sites with similiar sections:
Pseudome Studio
Deviant Art
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Post by Zerodaimu »

If I may add a comment:
If you don't get constructive criticism or tips on the picture then there is no point in posting it in the first place other than to be childish and expect oodles of praise about it.

-so don't complain at people because they make critiques, unless it is clearly contradicting one of the other rules – namely it is a flame.

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I have a question

Post by Jojo e KAY »

I went to an arts and crafts store and found comic/manga paper, the size is 11x17 is that a suitible size?

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what do you mean by this?

Post by xdollmasterx »

For legal reasons, Seven Seas Entertainment will not accept any unsolicited series proposals and/or manuscripts.